Best tips on how to improve the internet connection at home

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In this day and age, there is nothing that links us to the outside world better than the internet. We might not be very happy about it, but that’s what we have for now. And if the connection is faulty, that’s where everything goes haywire. Suddenly you can’t work from home anymore, can’t keep in touch with your friends, have video calls and conferences, in other words, keep your day-to-day life from completely derailing. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make domestic life a little easier and spare yourself the trouble. 

When it comes to internet problems, either you are not happy with your wifi, or with the mobile data signal. Let’s discuss both of those situations and see what measures can you take to eliminate all the problems. 

Faulty cell data signal 

In case your phone is the one giving you grief, don’t throw in the towel right away. There are several solutions you can attempt, so don’t despair. 

1. Get a signal booster

Straight away we are jumping into the most radical but effective solution. If you are having signal ‘blind spots’ around the house, or not getting enough signal where necessary, and this is happening consistently, you might need some help to boost that signal. A cell phone booster is basically a device that uses a certain frequency to function. It catches the signal coming from outside, enhances that signal and then offers you to use the new strong one all around the house. If you are interested in finding a cellular booster US has endless options to offer, but be sure to do the research before making a purchase. These devices differ in signals they enhance (call, 3G, 4G, 4G/LTE), coverage, and operators they support. If your calls are fine, and the internet is faulty, you might want to avoid overpaying and get a device specifically aimed at enhancing cell data signal. There’s a small glitch though that you should be aware of. If the device claims to enhance 3G/4G signals, it might not work for 4G/LTE connection, as the operators use a different frequency to broadcast it. So make sure you contact the company itself and find out all the details. 

2. Check the device

If the problem is not external, meaning if other devices are able to get the signal just fine, the other option is that something went wrong with the phone. That’s not a big problem either. On an average phone, there are at least 15 apps that are using mobile data for updates, while you haven’t used them in months. If you want to check your phone to see why it gets a weak signal, you can go into Settings – Cellular if you are an iPhone user and Settings –  Network and internet – Mobile network – app data usage if you have Android-powered phone. There you can check out all the apps that are eating away at your mobile data while not even in use. This is generally a good habit to have. Just clean out your phone every few months so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. And if you have signal issues, to begin with, turn off the functions you are not using, like mobile data while you are on wifi, Bluetooth, etc. 

Wifi problems

If your mobile connection is fine, but your wifi is making you scream in anger, there are still things you can do. 

1. Keep the freeloaders away.

In any difficult situation, password-protect everything. A good rule of thumb not only for your wifi but for all devices and valuable information. And don’t put ‘password’, or ‘12345’. Make it a good password that is impossible to guess. Lots of people will mooch off your wifi if they have the chance and you won’t be able to go online without an extra helping of frustration. Plus, do yourself a favor, don’t use the same password for everything, even if it’s a good one, and change your wifi password every couple of months. Make it something fun that’s easy to remember. 

2. Change your router location

A wifi router uses high frequencies, so it has a hard time with thick walls and an abundance of household appliances. Simply changing the location will work wonders if your signal is weak in a particular room without apparent reason. 

3. Reboot the router

Ok, if you’ve ever had to deal with any kind of tech support, you have definitely heard this phrase: ‘Have you tried turning it off and back on again?’. This might seem a lazy excuse, but it works most of the time! And not only for wifi routers but for cell phones as well. Sometimes the devices need a natural reboot to find the network again and work properly. So don’t discard this advice and reboot before you attempt any complicated manipulations. 

Problems with internet are definitely frustrating, but always fixable, so don’t worry too much and follow these simple tips. Hopefully, internet troubles will not spoil your day!