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The wine industry is booming industry and has become one of the growing sectors around the world that has a share in the economy of the country. Historically known as Viticulture that involves various events related to the winemaking like production, selecting, grading and packaging of grapes that ultimately are made in wine. This is a vital transition of grapes into wines. Since this is needs a lot of care and towards the inventory, packaging and supply of raw materials and goods, the management needs to monitor all the processes very closely and needs to be updated on a micro level basis. With a rapidly growing export sector, expanding domestic consumer market, wine industries have achieved a potential to be global market competitor.

If a wine Industry is large enough, budgeting and maintaining the firm becomes a complex ordeal if the processes are not streamlined and the management is not updated with strategical data in one go. Sage 300, ERP for wine industry, will allow the wineries to integrate all aspects of their business, from production to sales, solutions that track all winery activities from Vineyard operations through Production & Bottling, Inventory management, on a single application. This will allow employees to focus on the most important parts of the business, and allow management to have a more accurate, real-time view of their business.

By using ERP for Wine Industry, one can use the modules for different transactions and processes, like for example, an ERP system can include the brew house and cellar tanks as “inventory locations,” along with transactions, quantities and cost. The ERP systems will also provide a one core solution implemented to match the workflow of overall Process involved with just few entries and clicks. Different modules of ERP for Wine Industry will help to maintain different sectors on one platform.

Purchasing, transportation, requisitions, workflows, shipments, expenses all could be tracked within the ERP systems but into different modules, like finance could be tracked into the accounting module or Procurement into the PO module or Inventory details into the I / C module.

ERP for Wine Industry not only helps in keeping a track of transactions, but also provides a scalable Reporting functionality. Hence, it is a better option to use ERP for a better experience and optimization of all the work and administrative management operations relating to the Wine Industries!

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