Azure Insights: Keda; Teams, Azure AD; VPN Gateway; 10 years of Azure

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Azure pros share their thoughts on installing keda, controlling Teams with Azure AD, configuring Azure VPN Gateway, and the platform’s evolution.

Deploying Keda

In a recent blog post on Pixel Robots, Richard Hooper explored the role of keda, short for Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaler. Using custom resources such as ScaledObjects and TriggerAuthentication, it generates YAML files with parameters for scaling containers in a Kubernetes cluster. YAML files help to inform horizontal pod autoscalers. According to Hooper, users can install keda with either YAML files or Helm charts.

He directed fellow users to a GitHub repo and advised on connecting to the Kubernetes cluster. From there, Hooper explored the process for different versions of Helm. “I am currently using keda for all of my kubernetes scale needs as I am using RabbitMQ as my message broker,” he added.

Controlling Teams creation with Azure AD