{Error resolution} Create Incident Error: The specified contact doesn’t belong to the contact that was specified in the customer field in Dynamics CRM 2015 and up

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Error Description: in CRM 2015/2016 User can select contact and account on the Business process flow which are unrelated. When user hit save, reports an error “Invalid Contact – the specified contact doesn’t belong to the account selected as the customer Specific a contact that belongs to the selected account and then try again.”

In the scenario below, I have tried to Add contact “Allan Saddler” in the test CRM Data to A. Datum and I am presented with the error:


Error resolution:

In this case if the fields are to be filled in using Business process flow area only users need to be trained to only pick contacts which are related to the account.

An alternative solution is to remove Contact selection from Business process flow area and utilize CRM form instead. See in the below screenshot, Contacts are automatically being filtered for different accounts:


Changing the Account causes the filters to be applied again:


Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!

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