{How to} enable canvas apps and cloud flows in Dataverse solutions

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Hello Everyone,

Today i am going to share a new feature which is in preview how to enable canvas apps and cloud flows in Dataverse solutions.
Up until now we are adding the canavas apps and cloud flows to the solution manaully.
Now with this latest feature you can directly create canvas app or cloud flows in the Dataverse Solutions.
Lets see in action:
To enable this feature you need to login into PPAC
Select the environment and then settings:
Then click on the “Features”:
Enable Canvas Apps

When you enable the canvas app i.e ON,  all apps will be stored as solutions in Dataverse, this means your users will likely need security roles updated for this environment.
Enable Cloud Flows:
When you turn on the Cloud Flow = ON : New cloud flows will be created inside a Dataverse Solution and your users will need the environment maker security role. Unsupported entry points, like sharepoint and teams, will fail to create any cloud flow until that support is added to create a solution cloud flow with that entry point.

Unsupported entry points are listed in the documentation: here
Now check the canvas apps and cloud flows can be created inside Dataverse solution:

Open the solutions and then select the your solution where you want to create the canvas app or cloud flow.
Click on the Objects and then click new as shown in below screenshot.

Once you click on the New chevron you will see the Apps, Automation, chatbot, dashboard, report, rules, security, table.. more..

click on the apps: then you can see the canvas app where you can create a canvas app inside dataverse solution.
Similarly you can create the Cloud flow by clicking on the Automation:

Now you can create Canvas App and Cloud Flows inside the Dataverse Solution.
1. Solutions are stored in Dataverse, so the environment must have a database to use this feature.if your environment doesn’t have database add one.
2. To create canvas app in solution, you must have write previleges to the CanvasApp Table. Also to create cloud flows in solutions, you should have the Environment Maker role, you can assign from security roles and privileges.
3. A canvas app or cloud flow in a solution must be shared with you before you can view or edit it.
Always check before you enable creation of canvas apps and cloud flows: considerations
I hope this helps
Malla Reddy(@UK365GUY)