Azure Insights: Activity Logs; Logic Apps pricing; Automating SQL sizing; Starting and stopping VMs

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Microsoft Azure pros share their latest tips on sending Activity Logs, Logic Apps pricing, automating SQL sizing as well as starting and stopping Azure VMs.

Sending Activity Logs

Stanislav Zhelyazkov, writing on Cloud Administrator in Azure World discussed how to send Azure Activity Logs to Log Analytics. He developed a policy to deploy with an ARM template on the subscription level. Zhelyazkov wrote:

Note that the mode of the policy definition is All so it can cover the subscription resource. Another interesting thing is that the existence scope and deployment scope are both at subscription level. The condition is more complex as it looks if the diagnostic settings are configured for specific Log Analytics workspace and that all activity logs are send. When we do the policy assignment note that we also do role assignment. We are giving contributor permissions on subscription level to the policy assignment managed identity. Not also that role assignments can have description.

Choosing between consumption and fixed-price Logic Apps models

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