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Our firm has been using Salesflare for a CRM for several months. Absolutely fantastic platform.

For context: We reach out to folks as buyers, not sellers, which makes our use for CRMs unique from that perspective.

Our current setup is as follows:

– Corporate "A" is added to the CRM

– Contact #1 is added to that Corporate "A"

– Contact #1 enters the workflow (an email automation sequence)

– Contact #1 leaves the workflow after 3 months (if no response)

– We manually go back in and add Contact #2 for Corporate "A" and then enter them into the workflow

This repeats every 3 months. In other words, every 3 months we need to replace the contacts in a workflow for 5000 separate companies. This is the issue we are currently working to navigate.

As mentioned above, we are acting as buyers for certain assets, so we do everything we can to avoid the appearance of "spam" while maintaining as much automation as possible. Hence, why we only have one contact from each corporate in a workflow at one time.

The ASK:

Does anyone know of a CRM that could facilitate the following instead:

– Corporate "B" is added to the CRM

– Contacts #1-#x are added to a list on Corporate "B" (Could be 2 names or 20 names)

– That list is entered into the workflow so that:

– Contact #1 Enters

– Contact #1 Exits (no response)

– Contact #2 Automatically Enrolls

– Contact #2 Exits (no response)

– Contact #3 Automatically Enrolls

– Contact #3 Exits (no response)

– Cycle continues through the entire list and then RESTARTS after it hits the last contact on the list
(these lists would be between 2 – 15 names long)

– Additionally, if Contact #1 enters (bad email), the system then automatically enrolls Contact #2, etc.

I understand this is a fairly niche request, but nothing strikes me as complex in this case. Is this going to require custom programming? I've spoken with a few of the larger CRMs and it doesn't appear like there is an easy solution here.

It would be a huge time saver for us. Instead of replacing 5000 contacts every 3 months, we would only have to focus on bounced emails, managing replies, and expanding our database. There is a lot of value to squeeze here if it's possible.

Certainly appreciate any insight anyone may be able to provide! Salesflare has worked great for us and was a Reddit recommendation last time. Hope to repeat the cycle.

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