5 Exceptional CRM Tools For Businesses to look for in 2022

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“Customer service is the new marketing, it’s what differentiates one business from another.” – Jay Baer

In the contemporary world, the technology allows customers to access millions of business options for a single product category with one click. This made it harder for businesses to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. Moreover, we all are very well aware of the fact that how important customer relationship management is in contemporary times. 

With better customer relationship management you will be able to retain customers more effectively. Besides, more retention means more revenue. However, on one side where technology created this problem, on the other hand, technology became the solution as well. In short, this is where customer relationship management software or CRM tools entered the picture. 

To elaborate, CRM tools are exceptional inventions that allow businesses to enhance their customer service and effectively manage their relationships with their target customer audience. The massive advantages of CRM software have insisted many businesses to bring the most suitable CRM software to their business strategy. 

In fact, as per research, over 91% of companies that have more than 10 employees in their companies use some customer relationship management software. 

However, how exactly can you choose the best among so many options available in the market? To help you with that, we have prepared a well-researched list of the top 5 CRM software that can assist you in choosing the best software for your business. 

For better understanding, we have also provided the prices and key features for you to compare and easily choose the best suitable software. So let us dive right into the blog without further ado. 

Top 5 CRM Software For Businesses in 2022

  1. Really Simple Systems CRM

Just like its name Really Simple Systems CRM is easy to use and easy to set up CRM software that can assist you in managing your business and relationships with your target consumers. This software is specifically designed for business-to-business corporations.  


  • Free – US$0 Up to 2 Users
  • Starter – US$14 Per User/Month (Billed annually)
  • Professional – US$30 Per User/Month (Billed annually)
  • Enterprise – US$46 Per User/Month (Billed annually)

Key features 

  • Customization – Every business has different criteria to deal with their sales, hence, the total customization option of Really Simple Systems CRM is completely a deal-breaker. Using this feature, you can completely customize your software as per your business requirements.
  • Intelligent Reporting – Today’s business world runs on insights and Really Simple Software generates powerful insights that can assist in pipeline management and forecasting possible sales.
  1. Engagebay

With the ultimate features like marketing automation, CRM software, help desk software, and live desk software, Engagebay can be your one-stop solution for managing your business efficiently. Having all the features of business management in one software makes it affordable and a cost-effective solution for managing your relationships with customers. 


  • Free -$0 Per User / Month
  • Basic – $11.99 Per User / Month
  • Growth – $39.99 Per User / Month
  • Pro –  $79.99 Per User / Month

Key features 

  • 360-Degree customer view – Right from the visitor coming to your website to making the final purchase, the 360-Degree customer view will give you a broader picture of the entire pipeline. This will assist you in managing all your customer behavior in a single view.
  • Responsive Landing Page – As per Engagebay, lead management and nurturing can be increased by 86% by using creative responsive landing pages. So by using the simple drop and drag designer feature to create responsive landing pages to attract leads to your website. 
  1. SugarCRM 

Managing business complex and simplifying these complex business SugarCRM is another tremendous customer relationship management tool that is widely used by people all over the globe. From startups to mid-size businesses to every enterprise’s organizational structure, everybody has the flexibility to use SugarCRM software. 


  • Market – $1,000 Per Month for 10K Contacts (Billed Annually)
  • Sell – $49 Per User Per Month 3 User Minimum (Billed Annually)
  • Serve – $80 Per User Per Month 3 User Minimum (Billed Annually)
  • Enterprise – $85 Per User Per Month 3 User Minimum (Billed Annually)

Key features 

  • Simplify and Automate – With less hassle and more data, sugar CRM can automate and simplify your complex business processes to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your business. 
  • SugarPredict-powered sentiment analysis – Being aware of the mood of your customer can help you deal with them more efficiently. For instance, if you try to joke around with a customer who is already frustrated with your service, it will only ignite anger more. So using the feature of SugarPredict sentiment analysis, you can get effective knowledge of the mood with which your customer comes to you. 
  1. Zoho

With a network of over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries, Zoho is one of the leading CRM software companies that is widely spread all over the globe helping businesses to enhance their revenue. Along with its unique feature of managing customer relationships, Zoho is integrated with Canvas, the creative designing app that can be used to personalize the user interface of the CRM. 


  • Free Edition – Forever free for 3 users
  • Standard Edition – $14 per user/ month
  • Professional Edition – $23  per user/ month
  • Enterprise Edition – $40 per user/ month
  • Ultimate Edition- $52  per user/ month

Key features 

  • Omnichannel – Get notifications of customers interacting with any of the integrated platforms in a single space of your CRM in real-time. Managing your customer relationships in a single space will assist in managing your relationships more effectively and efficiently.
  • Inter- Team communications – Having separate team and customer management software will only make your business more complex than it already is. Utilization of the Inter-Team Communication feature will allow your different departments of marketing, sales, and others to provide better customer service altogether. Moreover, it will also assist in enhancing the employee engagement of your company.
  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most scalable and flexible CRM software and that is the reason it was ranked number one on the Forbes list of most innovative companies. Its continuous improvements and innovations in the software to provide the best customer service make Salesforce the most successful software company all around the globe. 


Essentials – $ 25   Per User/Month (Billed annually)

Professional – $ 100  Per User/Month (Billed annually)

Enterprise – $ 175  Per User/Month (Billed annually)

Unlimited – $ 325   Per User/Month (Billed annually)

Key features

  • Tableau Analytics – Data drives insights and insights make you powerful in the contemporary competitive enterprise world. The Tableau platform allows you to visualize your data creatively which allows your teams to effectively make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, the Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep Conductor make the analyses quicker and easy to comprehend. 
  • Cloud Integration – What could be better than having cloud-based software that allows you to access your customer insights anytime anywhere? This highlights another unique feature of Salesforce which allows you to access your information from anywhere and anytime. 

To encapsulate, it is no hidden fact that the better you maintain your relationships with your customers the more your business will grow. Hence, it is important to get CRM software that will assist you in enhancing your customer service and availing its exceptional advantages. Moreover, the above-given list will effectively assist you in comparing all the best CRM software and choosing the best suitable software for your business.  

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