ClickDimensions update 12.4: What’s New?

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If you’re a fan of ClickDimensions, you know that there are frequent updates and changes to the product meant to enhance the usability and functionality of the application. As of April 26th, the new version is available to all regions – US, CA, AU and EU.  Let’s dive into the changes in the latest version, ClickDimensions update 12.4.

You can manually update your application at any time after the update is available using the instructions linked here.

First, let’s take a look at the features in the ClickDimensions solution that have been “sunsetted” in this version and then the improvements and fixes…


Legacy Score

As part of the commitment to continuous improvement across the platform, ClickDimensions is pleased to announce the lead scoring feature is being re-engineered over the next few quarters.In this release, features will be slowly sunsetted:  the Legacy Score feature by removing the ‘Score’ column in Page Views, Visits, Sent Emails and Anonymous Visitor CRM Views. Also Score Settings has been renamed in the ClickDimensions Settings page to ‘Legacy Score Settings’.

Social Basic


As part of our Social Platform Enhancements, we removed Social Profiles from ClickDimensions Settings page and added Social Platform to the Navigation that will enable you to easily access the login page.Note : Only account owners can login to the Social platform​.


CA Embed Builder – Add Copy Link Button

Now you can copy the URL of your Campaign Automation Builder to your clipboard by clicking on the ‘Copy Link’ button and then simply Paste (Ctrl+V) to share it.

Defect Fixes

Defect # Feature Description Update Type
PI-379 Social Post Social Post window becomes unresponsive when attempting to add media No longer Supported
CA-450 Campaign Automation Embed CA Builder, Registered for Event, Decision node is displayed with error, no settings available Instant Update
CA-543 Campaign Automation Requests from Embed Builder are not pointing to right URL Instant Update
CA-371 Campaign Automation Clicking Builder on the Campaign Automation CRM form and trying to edit a decision node results in an error Instant Update

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