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Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

Dynamics 365 CRM has the ability to transform an organization, from increased sales to improved productivity. Businesses that leverage CRM software sees sales increase by 29%, sales productivity increase by 34%, and sales forecast accuracy increase by 42% (source). However, the technology will only be successful if users are engaged and have adapted to the environment, which is a common challenge businesses face. You bring in a consultant and train your users but then what? How do you know whether they are making the most of the CRM environment or not?

Inogic proudly presents to you User Adoption Monitor. An app that can improve tracking of user actions and increase Dynamics 365 CRM user adoption within your business. User Adoption Monitor is a Microsoft AppSource preferred Dynamics 365 CRM solution that allows managers to track user activities and analyze their performance within CRM.

Suppose Ronald is a manager at an organization and has implemented Dynamics 365 CRM successfully. Now he wants to track how their employees are adapting and performing in the CRM environment. With User Adoption Monitor installed in their CRM environment, this can be made possible very easily.

For example, if he wants to track the number of leads created, the number of leads qualified and the total number of opportunities won, he will go to the dashboard shipped with the UAM and look at the different charts.

Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

Here, Ronald can see the total number of leads created by different users on a daily basis in the chart. He will be able to compare between different users and see who has created more new lead records and is performing better.
To adapt better, more time must be spent on CRM. To find whether the users are spending enough time on CRM or not, Ronaldo uses access tracking that shows data of the times user has accessed CRM.

User Adoption Monitor gets shipped with the ‘User CRM Access Summary’ dashboard to view the CRM user’s access summary at a glance. The ‘User CRM Access Summary’ dashboard can be viewed under the System dashboards area and can be only viewed by the manager Ronald.

Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

While analyzing the data, Ronald finds out that Sarah and Percy are the users who are spending more time on CRM. But Sarah has qualified fewer leads even after being a top performer in total leads created. That means she is unable to close her leads successfully.

So, he decides to take a look at all the leads of Sara to find out whether the leads have the necessary information or not. Going through all the lead records one by one and checking whether they have the necessary contact information like email, mobile number, etc. will be a time-consuming process for Ronald.

Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

But with the help of the Data Completeness feature of User Adoption Monitor, this can be done easily. When configured in a certain entity, Data Completeness checks whether the fields in the entity which are necessary for the business are entered or not. If all the fields are filled, it will flag it as complete, and if not then it will flag it as incomplete.

So, using this feature, Ronald finds out that most of the lead records of Sara are flagged as incomplete due to which she is unable to do follow-ups with those leads. He makes Sara aware of this so that she can work on her Data Completeness in the future.

Now that users are adapting well to the CRM environment, Ronald wants to further see the performance of the users in terms of revenue generated. So, he is monitoring the opportunities won and revenues generated by each user. To find out the best performing salesman, he is looking at the number of opportunities won by each salesperson. But to identify who has given more revenue, Ronald will need aggregate revenue for each user.

Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption

Every time a user wins an opportunity, the sum of the actual revenue of Opportunities won by the respective users will be shown on the dashboard on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to Ronald.
In this way, he will be able to find out the person with the best opportunities won to revenue ratio thereby finding the best performing salesperson.

The data generated with the help of Dynamics 365 CRM User Adoption Monitor can also be exported in analytical tools like Power BI for a more drilled analysis.

Make sure to reap the benefits of User Adoption Monitor to increase the user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM users and find out your top-performing users.

Download and explore this amazing application from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any queries or suggestions or refer to our online help manual.

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