10 things I hate about ZOHO

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I love Zoho and use it daily but there are some limitations it has that seem like they just shouldn't exist. Here they are:

1 -You are limited to 5 Saved lead filters

This one is the main offender. If I could chose one to fix it would be this. I work for a very small company and this was the first wall I ran into on like day 3 of using Zoho. To add insult to injury you actually sorta kinda can do more than 5 but they are called Custom Criteria, more on that next

2 – Custom Criteria Search doesn't display tally and nerfs your view when using

Sure, you get 25 of these bad boys actually Lead Filters they wont let you save as a lead filter. Who cares right? Well, they do not display on the side and do not show a tally next to them. Oh and they also wipe out your Lead Filter view so if you have one for say "Uncontacted New Leads" that are brand new ones from the website, you wont see those until you change out of this view.

3 – Lead Ownership change updates Last Activity and cannot be separated during a search

Ok, it's technically a change so I'll give them this one, but you can't mute which ones you don't want displayed in a search. If I'm looking at a guy who hasn't been called in 3 months and I'm in Canvas view with 10-20 on the screen at a time, don't make me actually go into the lead to see if last activity 2 days ago means he has actually had any sort of contact or my boss is just dumping 100 guys for me to rez into the crm.

4 – Cannot Filter by Attachments

Yeah…you can't search for only guys that have attachments.

5 – Cannot Nest Notes

Ok, so you have 30 notes, 25 of them are na/vm the other 5 are things that actually matter to you when you are trying to quickly scan the lead as the phone is ringing. Only problem? The notes you need are 2 pages back mixed in with crap you don't care about during a call. You can't nest/group/compact all non correspondence notes and unless you have a lay down or are on a hot steak the majority of your notes will be na/vm unless you just never record them and manually count the closed action log to tally how many times the guy has been called each time.

6- Can't stack more then 5 calls on your screen

So you have 170 guys to get through, no sweat 90 percent wont answer so you'll post up in Canvas mode and power dial them through the click2dial with whatever you are using. Mr Jones? Nope, ok hang up , next one, Nope , nope , nope, now you goto click the next one instead of the lead mini call dialog box popping up the call goes live and no box pops up, no way to end the call unless you refresh the screen. Only way to prevent this is to end each call, and make sure you close all boxes before they get to 4-5.

7- Can't filter by call duration time

Another one like attachments. Yeah guys that have long conversations and send in contracts aren't important, might as well call these other guys who have never answered the phone 4 months ago.

8 – Cant leave notes on Call from outside of Detailed View

You can display as many leads as your screen can hold and call as many as you'd like without entering the lead detail, but you can't leave notes. To make it worse you actually can leave notes if the call was a prescheduled task, just not if you are doing something like needing to burn through 100+ na/vm leads. No, for that you must manually enter each lead detail and leave the note, then close the tab.

9 – Cant search by the type of task missed

Would be really, really dope if you could search for say "They opened the email" task given to guys that open an email you mass send a dead group so you can later call them but instead it just shows you tasks. Might be a call, might be a custom task you set to respark people, might just be a random reminder.

10- Can't remain an attachment in the CRM but can rename document

So when the customer uploads their statements and it's a bunch of files called wsijoh3904kjd3md4393j3.png woifjh34jd3dj29j3hd3.png ,etc you can't just rename them within the CRM more recognizable names like Jones_APR, Jones_MAR, Jones_FEB, you have to download them, rename them, upload them then erase the old copy in system. The functionality does exist though, you can rename a document in Zoho.

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