WhatsApp could soon let users access the same account on multiple smartphones

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WhatsApp users would know that currently one account can only be linked to one smartphone. This means f you are using WhatsApp on one phone, you cannot access it with the same number on a different mobile phone. One has the option of relying on laptops or desktops for WhatsApp Web. But WhatsApp Web this does not work on mobile browsers or tablets so in a since the other device access is limited to PCs. However, this could soon change.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s beta update ( version, indicates a new feature is coming for this soon. The report adds that ”WhatsApp is working on bringing the ability to link mobile devices in a future update of the app.” So yes, you could soon link WhatsApp from one main phone to other mobiles devices, if needed. Keep in mind the feature is still under development and not every beta user will see it.

The report adds that this will be the second version of multi-device support, which was launched last year. WhatsApp Web’s Multi-device support, for instance, is limited to four devices, independent of the main smartphone to which the account is linked.

The new upcoming feature could show in the settings with the section being called “Register Device as Companion”. This will show up when a user tries to open WhatsApp on a secondary mobile device. It looks like this will also work by scanning a QR code as WhatsApp web does at the moment. Users will also be able to link an Android tablet as a secondary device in the future, adds the report.

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