What Don’t You Like About Your ERP Solution?

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Problems with ERP Cover ImageThree Common Problems with ERP

For your business, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was the right choice at the right time. Simplifying your core processes and centralizing your organization was a substantial benchmark.

Before implementation, your processes may have been disorganized, or even a mess. Thus, employees weren’t performing up to expectations and staff members were pulling out their hair in clumps. Then came your system and suddenly life was wonderful again. All the chaos and disorganization that once plagued your business was gone, replaced by structure.

Now several years after its original installation, there are two questions in the back of your mind.

“Do I still like it? And what don’t I like?”

If these questions aren’t just passing thoughts, chances are it’s time for a change. Nevertheless, here are some common concerns you may have about your current solution.

1. It Wasn’t Implemented Correctly

ERP ErrorSelecting the right ERP solution for your business is important, but proper implementation decides how successful the longevity of your software is.

Many manufacturers and distributors implement their software and assume once it’s in place, nothing can go wrong. However, that’s not necessarily the case. With that mindset, it’s only a matter of time before the problems with the original installation will start to manifest. Eventually, the desired benefits and functionality vanish, resulting in a cumbersome mess.

Some businesses attempt to reconcile the issue with add-ons and modifications. While this can improve some aspects of your system, the overall flaws remain.

Once the solution begins to create the same conditions you attempted to correct, chances are, you’re in trouble. At which point, you might have to start considering other options.

2. We’ve Outgrown Our System

The scale and scope of your business are always important concerning its technology. Every company selects its technology-based primarily on its immediate needs and requirements. The results are usually favorable to your existing organizational structure.

Yet sometimes, a business’s system doesn’t support its growth. As your business expands, what appeared best suited at the time of implementation might start to develop shortcomings. Once it becomes apparent that you’re lagging in multiple processes, something’s amiss in your company. It means your system is no longer keeping pace with your evolving business.

3. We Can’t Accomplish as Much as We Used To

outdated software frustrationThe increasing issues that mark your solution will continue to manifest themselves and escalate over time. Once your staff becomes unable to finish different tasks, your system has reached a critical point.

This can make the simplest and least-complicated processes transform into frustrating timewasters. As the headaches mount, any attempts to modify the current system will only cause more problems.

One of the many goals of an ERP solution is remedying existing problems and creating a better-managed workplace. But if this comes to a halt, you’re processes will likely be challenged.

Wrap Up

Software Serenity-1

If you find yourself frequently thinking the above statements, a basic reality remains. The ERP system you selected to help your organization is no longer doing so. It’s hard to admit your original decision is no longer offering what you had believed it would. Spending the time and money to prepare and implement the solution seemed like a done deal.

That being said, Datix can help. There are multiple ways to get your ERP system back on track, and you don’t have to do it alone. Datix’s consultants have the expertise to help you fix the problems you’re having now and mitigate risks for the future.

The consultants at Datix are skilled in helping companies get the most out of their ERP implementation. As an Infor partner, we have provided premier ERP solutions and services for over 20 years. Our consultants have experience in multiple manufacturing and distribution environments, equipping us with the skills to meet your business’s unique needs.

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