Top Three Features that Make Working Remotely with Acumatica Simple

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In recent weeks, there isn’t much COVID-19 hasn’t changed about our daily lives. One of the most dramatic and abrupt shifts is probably the speed with which most of you suddenly became remote workers. Obviously, the degree of success you experienced with this depends on many factors. But one of the most important was doubtless the technology your company has at its disposal. If you’re working on an older, a legacy system you can only access on certain computers inside your office walls, making the move to remote work will be more difficult than if you had already migrated to the cloud, where all you need to access key business systems is a web browser.

So, if you were on the fence about making the move to a cloud ERP before our world changed overnight, I’m sure current events have made you reconsider your decision. As one Acumatica customer put it, “Before Acumatica, we had no way to access local resources on a network when we were away from the office. Now we have access to all of our customers’ information and technical documents – it’s as easy as picking up the phone or using the app.”

Here are just a few of the reasons, this Acumatica customer, and others like him are glad they chose the fastest growing cloud ERP to support their business.

When Working Remotely with Acumatica Everyone has Access from Anywhere

This one may seem obvious, but it is truly the key to a successful move to remote work. The more obstacles that stand in the way of your staff accessing the systems they need, the more their productivity and stress levels will suffer. Sure, remote desktops and VPNs may make it possible for you to access systems outside the office. But as anyone who’s used those tools knows, they can be rife with issues. They often crash unexpectedly, suddenly logg people off when they’re in the middle of work and need frequent updates. Even without those issues, you’re still tied to working on a single computer. Working on a mobile device or personal computer is not usually possible with these tools. But in today’s uncertain world, where shipping is unpredictable and often takes longer than planned, having a cloud ERP that works on any web browser (on a mobile device or any computer) can mean the difference between getting your job done and having your work come to a grinding halt.

When Working Remotely with Acumatica Your Team Stays Connected

Working from home, especially when you’re new to it, can make you feel you’re an island all to yourself, disconnected from your coworkers and the rest of the world. But it doesn’t have to feel this way. When you have the right tools, it is still possible to feel present and be a productive team, while being geographically separated.

Acumatica offers a few unique features to help teams stay connected no matter where they are. First, its unique pricing gives you unlimited users. Most other ERP’s pricey user licenses often force buyers to make tough choices about who gets access and who does not.

Second, Acumatica ties into the Microsoft Office tools, like Outlook and Teams remote workers count on. You can collaborate, hold meetings, and share information instantly. Forget constantly switching between apps or re-entering data.

Third, Acumatica portals give you a place to share key information with your partners, suppliers and customers. Think of the self-help portals or knowledge bases a lot of the companies you work with in your personal life use. These are very helpful in lightening the load for your customer service staff, while giving the people who count on your business most 24/7 access to their key information.

When Working Remotely with Acumatica You get Convenience Without Sacrificing Security

Because it was born in the cloud, not retrofitted to it, Acumatica was built from the ground up with security in mind. It encrypts each transmission. Built-in security rules and settings ensure that users see information on a need to know basis. All Acumatica SaaS customers can rest easy knowing it backs their data up to multiple data centers for quick recovery. Each of which is protected by physical security to make sure no outsiders can access your data. Plus, the latest technology keeps you safe from cyber-attacks.

Think it may be time to upgrade to an ERP that is more well suited to working from home? Download this brief white paper to learn more ways Acumatica cloud ERP can support you and your business in the new normal.

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By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica partner