Redefining Workloads in Cloud Environments

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Over the last decade and a half, cloud technology has increasingly permeated not only IT operations but also business models. It has moved from being a “disruptive” technology to being a “fundamental” or “staple” one.

“Cloud adoption will continue to accelerate as key workloads are needed to support remote workers and maintain data center operations,” said Ed Anderson, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, during his presentation at the Gartner IT Symposium 2020.

That word there that’s full of possibilities – and pitfalls – is “workload.”

n computing, a workload simply started out by meaning any program that runs on a computer or the work done by it. But in a world increasingly powered by technology, it has become loaded with meaning.

At its core, it is a computer system’s ability and way of processing input and giving output. Viewing and editing a photo on a laptop requires the computer to process software instructions. That is a workload. Every time someone googles something, a workload is processed by a data center, resulting in a set of links on the screen.

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