Can a Money-Back Guarantee on a CRM Implementation Be Trusted?

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You’ve probably heard that CRM implementations have a surprisingly high failure rate. Who would want to back such a risky venture with a money-back guarantee?

At Azamba Consulting Group we have been doing just that for many years, and it works.

Our CRM implementation Money-Back Guarantee says:

I could tell you that I’ve never had to refund a customer’s money, but I’d be lying. And I’m a really honest guy.

The truth is, we’ve had to fulfill this guarantee five times.

Over the last ten years, we’ve handled over 400 projects. Five of those clients exercised their right to a refund. But do the math – that’s approximately 1% of our work, while the industry has seen a 40 to 50% failure rate on CRM implementations.

Here’s what happened.

Management Change

In two of the five cases, new ownership came in when the project was nearly complete. However, they had other goals to pursue. After reviewing our contract and seeing our guarantee, these two companies saw the opportunity to add to their bottom line by asking for their money back.

I’m a man of my word, so I said, “Okay, here’s a check. Sorry, it didn’t work out.” Our name was clean, and it was time to move on.

Azamba Advocates

In the other three cases, the customer said, “We just don’t feel like you guys did what you told us you were going to do.” We refunded their money.

However, we also took the opportunity to learn from the experience by going the extra mile and resolving these clients’ issues with their CRM implementations. They saw we were committed to their success.

Now they love us. And I use them as references for new clients.

It’s true that other clients of ours have not been successful. However, they never asked for their money back because they realized their responsibility for the outcome or other internal changes during the project.

I wear those refunds like a badge of honor. It shows that our guarantee is real, and thus it’s a policy that our customers can trust.

Confident Partners

Azamba Consulting is a go-to partner for many IT Services companies, ERP vendors, and other Microsoft partners that don’t have the CRM experience we do. We didn’t earn their trust by letting their customers down. If we did, we’d all lose a client, and that’s a big risk.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee gives our partners confidence.

It’s a powerful statement that tells them: “You can count on us. We’ll care for your customer as if they were our own and ensure your continued relationship with them. We’ll do everything in our power to make this project a success.”

Eliminate Risk

Many customers who look to work with us have been burned by CRM in the past. As was mentioned before, CRM projects, in general, have a near 50% failure rate. So the decision to pull the trigger on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project can be difficult. Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee removes those fears by eliminating the risk.

By offering such a guarantee, potential clients know we are committed to their success. We’re not simply software vendors; we won’t leave them in the lurch as we move on to another victim.

Stay OnTrack

We know our clients can’t afford to fail. So we’ve developed a structured methodology that is applied by our team. With the full support of the client’s team, it has guaranteed outcomes. We call it “The OnTrack CRM System.”

We have such confidence in our process that we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and fixed-fee pricing on every single Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation we do.

Are you looking for a risk-free partnership with an honest and experienced CRM provider? Let’s start the conversation.

By Peter Wolf, Azamba Consulting Group,

Peter Wolf is the president and founder of Azamba. He has spent the last 20 years focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses become more profitable through effective and efficient usage of CRM.

His passion is blending the promise of CRM with the realities of business needs to create successful outcomes.

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