Moving on from a spreadsheet based “CRM”

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Hello all, I work in a small/medium company in the sales department, at the moment we use a spreadsheet to store information about requests for offer/information we receive (we track date of the enquiry, customer info, source and some other info about the request). Only two/three people work on this spreadsheet, but as you know this method is really limiting.

I was looking into CRMs (cloud based) in order to improve a little over what we have now. It has to be free, the company is not going to invest in this at the moment (we might think about an upgrade, I know this is not the best attitude but this is what I have to work with now).

I was trying out HubSpot at the moment, but I wanted to have your advice. What we really need, at least, is a way to store our contacts and get some statistics out of them, that is not a simple spreadsheet (not interested in tracking deals or marketing emails).

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