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Hello, I am hoping to get a recommendation for a CRM for our small business.

We are in Landscaping, doing both Installs and Maintenance. We have one install manager and one maintenance manager, and neither are great with technology, but both are willing to learn. I'll be the person to build out the systems and structure.

I am looking for a lot of features and open to using multiple software if it makes sense. Right now, it is our slow season, and we receive about 10 calls/emails a day, but in the summer, we can get over a hundred calls/emails both from potential new customers and existing customers who have emergencies (irrigation leaks, plants dying, etc.).


I am looking for software that can help us do the following:

  • Track, record, and transcribe phone calls – so that my managers aren’t trying to write down notes while they’re driving. I think I can get call recording through Verizon, but I don’t think they can transcribe.
  • Track potential customers through a simple sales funnel – Estimated, Invoiced, Scheduled, etc.
  • Track current customer requests and set reminders (e.g., this customer wants new flowers in April)
  • Maybe even a portal for current customers to send in requests themselves without a phone call!
  • Dashboards to ensure we are following up on customers
  • Categorize jobs as install or maintenance
  • Maybe some project management features to assign Crews/Teams to jobs, display a schedule/calendar, etc.
  • Sign for contracts digitally (right now everything is paper)
  • Invoice customers for both installation and maintenance
  • Maybe a customer payment portal to set up auto pay whether through check, bank transfer, or credit card
  • Integration with QBO and Microsoft Outlook


We currently use:

  • Crew Control for Maintenance Routing.
  • QBO for managing client information, quoting, invoicing, payments, and accounting.
  • Microsoft Teams for communication, meetings. Outlook, Excel, and Word.
  • Paychex for Payroll, HR, and Safety.


Open to any suggestions or recommendations for how we could use Microsoft better as well.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys recommend!

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