Is Your Software Bitchin? Then You’re Probably Paying Too Much.

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I am into this show called “Bitchin’ Rides.” It is about this guy Dave that restores old cars. But he completely transforms them, so they look like a classic car on the outside but are actually a super modern state-of-the-art car on the inside… and underneath!

I started to wonder how much people pay for these works of art. Dave doesn’t post prices, but word got out on a couple of them, and they are $100,000 and up. He did one car that was $400,000. If I had that kind of money, I’m buying a Ferrari, without even thinking twice. These people are spending that kind of money on a Chevy Chevelle.

Of course, if you put one of Dave’s cars next to an original 1970s Chevelle that some guy restored in his garage, you’ll know why. The Bitchin Ride is way nicer than the other. But $200,000 nicer?

We’re the ’70s Chevelle that costs $25,000.

A restored Chevelle is a nice car. You’ll walk around with your chest out when you get out of that thing.

The same is true about our software. People who need custom software are so convinced that it has to be expensive. I know companies that spend $50,000 on something that we could do for $5,000 because they develop everything from scratch. They work with an IT company that writes code and thinks it has to be done that way.

Custom software versus Customizable software

You can get more for your dollar if you don’t try to build software from scratch. That’s basically what we’re all about at P2 Automation, whether it’s CRMPlus365 or P2xRM or even Power BI. We start with a canvas that has a drawing on it already. Not a blank canvas like we did in the past or like bigger companies do that build something from nothing.

At P2 Automation, we try to find that happy medium where you get a really good quality product at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself or having it built from scratch.

Enjoy the TV show but let someone else overpay on software development.

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