We have already gone beyond cloud and Mobile CRM to embrace Apps as the new bridge towards communication, connectivity and doing work on the go. Even regular market like grocery is turning into a multi – million dollar online retail industry with everything available to the customer fresh and faster at a single click. The advent of mobile has created a snowball effect with everything changing and adapting from marketing to communication in and around mobile.

So why you should still be using the traditional CRM? Concepts like Social CRM and Mobile CRM are already in place. Your sales staff does not need to be bogged down with manual follow-ups and updating.

A wholesale distribution for any product company is a good way to reach out to masses but this can also result in being a cumbersome task when following up for sales and commissions is to be done. Sometimes the salesperson himself has to visit the wholesaler’s place for updates and taking orders. In such a scenario, it would be beneficial if the company has a Mobile CRM which can help the wholesalers connect with the salesperson and keep him updated about the sales and replenishment of the stocks.

Since basic features of Mobile CRM are: capturing client data, communication and activity management on the go. A wholesale distribution salespeople’s profile is generally called roaming profile where they rarely get time to sit in the office, they generally travel on day to day basis for such people we introduce Sage CRM which will help the wholesale distribution salespeople to track everything online.

The changing dynamics of wholesale distribution

  1. Faster Order Processing: Most of the times, the sales people have to travel to the wholesaler’s place to get the order. To improve efficiency and drive growth, the company needs to eliminate this practice and adopt Mobile CRM wherein the wholesaler or the salesperson can place order in the system from any corner of the world and block the inventory in the warehouse. This not only saves sales person time also brings happy customer at the end since the process is faster and less expensive in the long run.
  2. Predictive Analytics: Sage CRM is more focused towards the reporting part, which helps sales people to predict future order. With the help of Mobile CRM from Sage Software, sales people can get the target prediction of their current / future orders which can help them to forecast their sales and take any precautionary steps if possible.
  3. Better Sales Management: When we talk about wholesale distribution, selling it is more of the team hard work rather than individual task. Many times sales managers fix up the demo timings and the presales team need to go through the history for giving the demo. If all the data is in one place updated in real time, there will be less time lost in explaining and communicating and the presales can focus on giving a customized demonstration to the client, resulting in better sales and customer management.

Mobile CRM helps the management in being in touch with all that is happening even on the go and take strategic decisions on the go. Mobile CRM is not only helpful in wholesale Industry, but also for other industries.

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