Gain Advanced Business Insights with Infor Birst

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GainAdvancedBusinessInsightswithInforBirstWhat is Infor Birst?

In the age of technological progression, digital advancements have completely revolutionized our everyday lives, likely impacting the business world most. Companies now have access to data-driven tools, strategies, and software that allow them to learn more than ever about themselves and their customers. But with so many options available, how do you find the right solution for your business? 

Infor Birst, a native cloud business intelligence (BI) and business analytics platform, allows you to understand and optimize complex processes in less time than with a traditional BI solution. The platform integrates data management, data discovery, BI dashboards, and predictive analytics in one place, embedding comprehensive utilities into your applications. With this all-in-one, easy to access spot, you can improve profitability, reduce costs, increase revenues, and transform the way you do business. 


BI, Simplified 

BI hasn’t always been available to everyone. Extensive IT management, vast data knowledge, and targeted training coupled with exorbitant hardware costs made the software exclusive to large scale enterprises. Fortunately, today’s BI and analytics landscape have been undergoing a significant transformation. With massive volumes of data being created by all businesses and the growing demand for speed, autonomy, agility, and smart analytics software, companies have developed simplified BI technology, allowing SMBs to gain the same deep insights as larger enterprises. 


Infor designed Birst to meet these growing needs for speed, agility, and personalized insights with simplified, user-friendly interfaces. Birst’s unique networked analytics technology enables your IT team to support and scale multiple integrated environments while providing end-user autonomy, ease-of-use, and speed to work with non-curated and curated data. This approach allows you to easily analyze user-generated data blended with governed enterprise data. It also enables you to better serve end-users by providing true self-service across a single view of all business data for not only the analyst but also for non-data-savvy business users. 


Centralized Data Network 

Traditionally, delivering trusted and reliable data across your business required you to create a physical replication of your BI infrastructure— not just hardware, but also data, metadata, user profiles, and system configurations. In turn, it made the deliverance of data a time consuming and expensive effort. Infor Birst allows your departments to work on their own while staying connected to a centralized data set. 


Moreover, Birst allows different departments, such as finance, sales, and marketing, to use their virtual copies of the high-performance data, while still having access to centralized data. This allows them to easily integrate their specific data and spreadsheets into the company-wide data. Fostering collaboration and consistency between all departments of your business prevents double data entry and lost data while promoting productivity and efficiency. 


Personalized User Experience 

Every day, businesses are amassing considerable quantities of data. This data provides invaluable business insight but is missing the ability to sort and understand crucial information. To truly comprehend the data businesses, you need tools that provide flexibility and freedom to answer questions and the capability to blend your user-generated data with enterprise data, creating a single source of truth. 


Infor Birst delivers a user experience designed to meet everyone’s needs by supporting different styles of analytics, including pixel-perfect reports, highly interactive and responsive dashboards, intuitive visual discovery, native and offline mobile, embedded predictive tools, and self-service data preparation. Birst’s user experience blurs the traditional lines between dashboards, reporting, and discovery to create an adaptive interface where you can automatically surface new, personalized insights with AI-powered BI, and you can easily interact with business data to make better decisions.


Wrap Up

BI platforms continue to make strides in today’s growing market and are more user-friendly and cost-effective than ever. However, many companies still fail to implement a BI platform due to the prevailing belief they are only beneficial for large enterprise companies. Infor Birst can be implemented by virtually any business due to its flexible deployment model and ease of use. Birst allows SMBs to gain the same, deep business insights as large enterprises and increases business productivity, efficiencies, and profits. 


At Datix, we know the complexities of BI platforms and are dedicated to helping you understand and implement software that works for your business. As a certified Infor partner, our consultants have comprehensive knowledge of Infor’s unique software solutions and platforms, and we are dedicated to making the most of Infor data. When you work with Infor Birst and Datix, we will help simplify the BI process and conquer all challenges. Contact Datix today to start leveraging the full power of your enterprise data by implementing Infor.