Top technology predictions for 2020: SAP Concur

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In 2020, the shift to leveraging data for real-time decision-making will accelerate for a growing number of business functions.


Technology predictions for 2020

Technology predictions for 2020- Today, IT goes far beyond technology. Leaders in the IT industry are responsible for helping drive growth, cutting costs and ensuring a healthy bottom line. Digitalization is creating demand for a more agile way of operating applications and processes to meet the needs of a constantly changing market. Therefore, we need to plan in a cost-conscious manner to drive growth.

As we move towards the fourth industrial revolution, looking back at some of the key technological developments in 2019, here’s what we can predict for 2020:

Workers looking to save time will kick demand for AI into overdrive – In 2020, workplace changes related to AI will become a noticeable trend. A recent PwC report revealed that 67% would prefer AI assistance over humans as office assistants. While societal tension around AI will continue, workers’ growing openness to automation will incrementally drive changes.

For example, millennials, who now represent the majority of workers, are instinctively comfortable using AI. As consumers, they are more likely to approve of AI-provided customer support, automated product recommendations, and even want AI to enhance their experience watching sports. Millennials and others will increasingly bring their consumer preferences for AI to work and expect that routine tasks be automated. This will further lead to benefits including higher productivity and more economic activity. Employers will need to lean into this shift, supporting those employees who want to use automation to be more productive, helping others understand the benefits, and providing support to those who need help learning to use it.

Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence converge – Customers are individuals with similar needs – to feel important, heard and respected. As a result, “empathetic AI” is increasingly applied in advertising, customer service, and to measure how engaged a customer is in their journey. According to a recent report from Accenture, AI has the potential to add US$957 billion, or 15 percent of India’s current gross value in 2035. In 2020, this trend will kick into gear, with more technology companies infusing empathy into their AI. As companies use empathetic AI to bring more of the benefits of advanced technology to life, they will instill more trust, create better user experiences, and deliver higher productivity.

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