Anyone work for a crm? I’m wondering what your salary is.

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Working for a CRM right now, and I have about 5 jobs. I do massive imports of client lists that I have to match data together with, import large catalogs of sales items, do customer service support for the software, Do training of the software, testing of new development changes, UI and design meetings and more. I've made videos for marketing, I've made SOPs and it's just non stop. I got hired to be a salesman for the software but they first said I had to pass one of the first steps of learning how to set it up and work with it. Then the company got bought out. I've been here for almost a year and a half now and we are getting more team members but I do so much and my salary is pathetic. I'm constantly getting yelled at a clients that things aren't done fast enough when it's not even feasible for me to complete them.

I just want to concept of what everyone else's salary might be even if you just sent them as a personal message, I need some room for negotiation or to just be done with the massive amount of stress that's involved here.

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