What is a customer effort score and 4 ways to improve it? 

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Customer effort score shows how easy it is for customers to browse through your website and meet their goals. 

Customers shouldn’t face difficulties in making their way through your website. If they aren’t satisfied with your website, they will most likely not revisit it. Thus, you must ensure that they find solutions to their queries and achieve their goals in the least possible time and with minimum effort. Customer effort score (CES) is a parameter that allows you to do just that. It shows how customers feel while browsing through your website. Remember that if your customer effort score is less than the industry average, you may lose a significant amount of clients. So it’s necessary to collect CES after every customer interaction and make changes if necessary.

This article will focus on ways to improve your customer effort score and achieve better results.

1. Combine customer effort score with additional follow up questions.

It would be best if you collected customer effort scores at every customer touchpoint. But you will get better results by asking additional follow up questions that will provide you a more concrete idea about the context of the problem and the exact pain areas. You can also employ data analytics tools to find patterns and trends in open text responses. When you have a collection of all problems, you can group them into various segments and find out why customers face high-effort experiences. And then work your way to provide a better customer experience

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2. Strengthen your customer service support system.

Do you know that acquiring customers is approximately 5 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones? Customers get frustrated when they have to wait for long hours to get their queries resolved. You can lower down your customer effort score by strengthening your support service system as follows:

a. Increasing the strength of your support service team

b. Training your support service team

c. Implementing top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to form a robust and long-lasting bond with your customers.

d. Employing chatbots to help your customers 24/7.

3. Allow customers to help themselves.

Even after implementing every kind of software and strengthening your support service team, there may be a few instances where customers may find difficulties. To further decrease the customer effort score, you must implement self-help resources so that customers can help themselves when no external assistance is readily available. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a great source that allows customers to find solutions to their problems without assistance. Moreover, chatbots collect customer-centric information and provide help in real-time. A secondary benefit of using these self-help services is that they allow their human counterparts to focus on issues that require intelligence and creativity.

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4. Act on customer effort score ratings.

Once you have collected customer effort scores, it’s time to act and make the necessary changes. Implement automatic workflows and brainstorm strategies based on the customer effort score ratings you have collected. Your aim must be to make the life of your customer easy. Solve the issues proactively, train your workforce to handle problems conveniently, and take the help of software systems as much as possible. Another important thing is to involve all business stakeholders — frontline executives, C-suite managers, other business departments, vendors, suppliers, and distributors — in decision making. When you interact with everyone in the business environment, you will get a more extensive understanding of your customer problems.


By acting on customer effort score ratings, you will improve customer experience and hence increase customer loyalty. The steps discussed in this article will help you achieve a lower customer effort score and make your customers’ life easy. Remember to pay attention to all customer touchpoints so that you address all customer problems.

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