CRM Process Automation: how to implement in your organisation

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Tech experts provide their tips on how to effectively implement automation into your customer relationship management (CRM) process.


CRM Process Automation

CRM Process Automation- Implementing automation technology can benefit an organisation in a variety of ways. Getting tasks done without the need for human intervention can speed up operations round the clock, so it’s little wonder that this is becoming more common among companies. But how can customer-facing teams effectively carry out CRM automation?

Don’t automate everything

Firstly, you need to think carefully about which areas of your CRM system need to be automated. This step can be aided by discussing the matter with colleagues.

“When first implementing a CRM automation system, it can be easy to fall into the trap of automating anything and everything. This is a very common mistake,” said Simon Johnson, general manager UK&I at Freshworks.

“Not only will this become a costly ordeal, but it will likely bring low yields. While the purpose of automation is to simplify repetitive tasks and remove redundancies, business leaders must ensure they are doing so in the right areas.

“The main company focus should be on boosting everyone’s performance; when creating an automated workflow, it should address all the aspects of sales and marketing. This way, both departments can work together seamlessly to generate higher conversions and happier customers.

“One way to make this happen is to talk to team members who frequently over-exceed expectations and interview them to see what helps them be successful. The beauty of CRM automation is the number of use cases that come along with it; it’s highly flexible, allowing the creation of workflows that best suit an organisation.”

Analyse customer data

Once a decision has been made as to where automation should be implemented, it’s worth making use of insight tools for gauging customer behaviour, if you haven’t already.

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