Channel Partner Sales is a multi-faceted sales channel which not only helps in growth of sales, but also branding and product penetration. There are many reasons why a Company may want to build a Channel Partner network to do Sales.

  1. Brand Penetration – if the company is functioning on many geographies or the metros, they may want a Channel Partner Network to penetrate in the interior markets – rural or urban and promote the product.
  2. Cost Saving – With a channel partner network in place, a company saves a lot on infrastructure and administrations costs. It does not require to rent / buy an office space. Cost of salaries for the new work force and expenses like electricity and phone are saved.
  3. More product suits to offer – The channel partner can bundle his product or services along with your own which gives the company more leverage then its competitors in terms of product and services offering.
  4. Branding – The more the Channel Partners, the more penetration and advantageous for the company in terms of branding. It also adds to the credibility of the company and they can market themselves as a company which operates in multi geographies.
  5. Trust Worthy – For operational reasons, a customer always likes it if the vendor has a local presence. This factor is also a major reason while selecting a vendor, especially if the product involves software implementation. Through a Channel Partner network, the company creates a local presence for itself and can acquire more customers.
  6. Commission – Channel Partner Network work on a commission basis. I.e. if they succeed, they get the commission on the sales, a percentage which is pre decided. This helps the company as they save on the salary cost for the sales team and also infrastructure cost.

For a company that uses more of Channel Partner Sales Network, needs a Channel Partner Automation tool which can help manage their sales flow and pipeline along with the company’s own sales. Sage CRM, a robust and scalable CRM solution can help the company manage their sales and Channel sales together but separately.

The partner can himself fill in his lead details in the CRM from anywhere, any device and any time and allocate the lead to the Sales person of the company who looks after that particular region. He can also view the status of his lead and see how much opportunity has it generated for the company and accordingly calculate his commission.

The Channel partner can also view and access technical or functional documents from the CRM which will help him close the lead faster. It also helps in eliminating the delay in document processing. He does not have to be on a regular call with the company regarding the communication he has had with the potential customer, he can fill in all the details in tracking and communication part of Sage CRM including the mails that he has sent to the customer.

When the channel partner is given the right tools and the operational barriers are eliminated, he can focus better on generating more leads for the company. To know in detail, how can you benefit from Channel Partner Sales Automation with Sage CRM, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at

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