4 trends that will shape the customer care landscape in 2021

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2020 was one hectic year. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly transformed the ways companies operate. Due to strict lockdown, companies implemented technology to interact with their customers. Those who solely relied on brick and mortar stores were forced to take the online route. Besides, the companies that didn’t transform their ways were driven out of business. Every business function ranging from manufacturing and sales to supply chain and customer care went through a drastic change. Although the pandemic disrupted lives and businesses, customer expectations reached new peaks. As a result, companies are also upping their stakes. 

Research reveals that in 2021, 56% of customer care leaders will implement technology solutions to scale their efforts

This article will shed light on the top 4 customer care trends in 2021.

1. Meeting customer expectations

Due to the virus-induced lockdown, there was a tremendous increase in the demand for essential products like sanitizers, soaps, handwashes, hand gloves, toilet paper, and Personal Protection (PPE) kits. Although companies worked at their full capacity, they couldn’t meet customer expectations that led to harsh criticism over social media and other outlets. 

A recent survey reveals that 75% of support care leaders think that customer expectations for their team are at an all-time high. But less than 50% of them believe that they are delivering them. 

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2. Use of technology will rise in 2021

The pandemic has brought an economic downturn globally. And the effects will continue in 2021 as well. Research reveals that 58% of customer care leaders will implement technology solutions to offset the loss due to downsizing their team in the coming year. This step will help them provide instant solutions to customer queries and cement a robust and long-lasting relationship with their customer base. 

Research reveals that 41% of customer care teams are slowed down due to overdependence on outdated tools. Further, the survey also shows that 54% of care support managers are willing to revamp their tech stack, comprising phone support, knowledge bases, and ticketing systems, in 2021. 

3. Chatbots will make a significant impact

Chatbots have been in the customer care landscape for a few years now. But 2021 will see a large scale implementation of this technology. 

Chatbots are useful in many ways. They interact with customers 24/7 and provide solutions to their queries instantly. They send notifications and alerts to customers regularly and also collect feedback. Their ability to handle multiple things simultaneously allows employees to focus on issues that require human ingenuity. 

Research reveals that 50% of customer care leaders will invest in automation, including chatbots, to increase their team’s productivity significantly.

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4. Measuring ROI

Customer care teams’ performance is judged based on how many tickets they close and how fast they close them. But support care managers are awakening to a new dimension — customer satisfaction. Research reveals that about 25% of leaders consider customer satisfaction to be the most critical attribute for judging the customer care team’s performance. 

The importance of customer satisfaction can be understood by the fact that it is around five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain the existing one. In few years down the line, with advancements in CRM systems, companies will be able to measure ROI better.


There is no doubt that the covid-19 pandemic has taken many lives and devastated industries. But it has also changed the business landscape forever. Although people expect to receive customer service in person, the lockdown prevents any form of contact, which has significantly increased the scope of online activities. Companies that implement robust online solutions will progress and those that don’t will dwindle in oblivion. 

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