Top 4 Benefits of Mobile ERP

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Businesses across industries cannot deny the significant role an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software plays in their day-to-day activities. It enables them to share business-critical information with stakeholders — like C-suite managers, frontline executives, vendors, distributors, and suppliers. Mobile ERP provides an added functionality to conduct business operations from anywhere and at any time. It provides access to business data on any mobile device and allows companies to build robust and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Thanks to cloud-enabled mobile ERP solutions, companies can improve data collection capability, offer the best quality customer service, and increase their productivity.

This article sheds light on the top 4 benefits of mobile ERP.

1. Mobile ERP systems increase reporting capabilities.

Mobile ERP systems help employees to collect and store business-critical information from anywhere and at any time. They can do it either at the job site or at the customer’s place. Frontline salesman can access real-time information instantly and make better decisions. They can also contact their managers if need be. Mobile ERP system allows companies to spot hidden opportunities and also detect potential threats within the system.

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2. Mobile ERP system helps you become highly competitive in your industry.

The three most critical parameters that transform the company into an industry leader are improved data capability, excellent customer communication, and managing workflow processes

As discussed above, mobile ERP systems help you fair well in all these three essential business metrics. It allows you to manage core business modules — finance, supply chain, sales, marketing, human resources, inventory, and vendor management — all from the comfort of a mobile device. Moreover, mobile ERP systems also have an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows the support team to instantly solve customer queries and cement excellent customer relations.

3. Mobile ERP systems increase business productivity.

Work-from-home was growing at an average pace until the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. In the wake of the directions issued by international medical institutes and with the government framing strict policies for stopping the spread of the virus, people are scared of coming out of their homes. 

Mobile ERP systems can be a boon for your workforce as it allows them to work safely from their homes. They can perform all business-critical processes from their PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones. Mobile ERP system allows the workforce to gain information about other departments as well. For example, the product development department can access customer feedback and make necessary changes to the product.

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4. Mobile ERP systems allow businesses to capture accurate data.

With mobile ERP systems, you can ensure that you collect business-critical information whenever and wherever possible. Besides, you will avoid collecting repetitive and redundant data. Moreover, the mobile ERP system will also eliminate duplication errors and perform trivial activities like form filling and data entry. This will allow your employees to focus on high-priority tasks that require human ingenuity. 


Mobile ERP systems are gaining widespread popularity because of their multiple advantages, as discussed above. With the pandemic spreading rapidly, people won’t venture out of their homes until a life-saving vaccine is available. This makes the mobile ERP even more critical as it allows employees to conduct business-critical functions from the comfort of their homes. With technology improving at the speed of light, mobile ERP systems have become a profitable investment that companies cannot ignore. 

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