First-time Microsoft MVP Michal Guzowski: Entrepreneur, programmer, and stoic

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While newly minted MVP Michal Guzowski of Poland is excited and very appreciative that he has received the award, he also understands that it’s just a title. Guzowski, who received his award in June, wasn’t even sure he was going to be named an MVP. After all, he had been nominated the previous November.

I was waiting and waiting for that award and I remember that someone had told me that May was the last opportunity to be awarded. And once May passed I was pretty sure I would not get the award. And using my stoic soul, I was just like, ‘OK, well, it’s only an award and I’m still going to do what I’ve been doing.’

But thankfully in June I got this cool email that said, ‘Hey, you’ve been awarded.’ I’m happy over that, but nevertheless it’s just a title. That actually confirms that you did what you did but you knew that already. But of course, on the other hand, having MVP is a great opportunity to be closer to the product and also have influence on how the product evolves.

Entrepreneur, programmer, stoic

At heart, Guzowski describes himself as a born entrepreneur. He makes things happen. In his brain, he’s a programmer – he’s addicted to analyzing and connecting the dots. And in his soul, he’s a stoic – he’s always respectful and never gives up. He’s also a “Power Addict” because he loves to show others how much value they can get from Power Platform and the entire suite of Office 365 products.

An expert in Power Apps and Power Automate, among other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, Guzowski started his career in tech as a SharePoint programmer before becoming a SharePoint consultant and team leader, and finally a solutions architect. He explained: