Someone sell me OFF Pipedrive but with something that has the criteria I need

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Pipedrive has been nothing but a nightmare for us, always going down on our busiest days, connectivity issues, adding leads, and now e-mailing from Pipedrive is putting us in spam folders. These issues have been being looked into for over a month now and it is having some impact on our business.

We use Google Adwords to drive traffic to a landing page. The landing page has a form to fill out (name/address/email/phone/basic info).

We then add these leads into Pipedrive. These are people requesting quotes for a local service (think plumbing).

We want to be able to add leads into the CRM, schedule calls/e-mails, have basic (customizable info) within the CRM pertaining to the customer, etc. etc.

One functionality we really LIKED was clicking on the customer's e-mail in Pipedrive (within their profile) and being able to shoot off a quick e-mail (first contact, or follow-ups), and then schedule a task to check in with them again later.

Pipedrive uses a 3rd party to e-mail and for some reason anything we send from them now is ending up in spam folders. When we test from our own inboxes manually (gmail/outlook) we are landing in the inbox.

So while this is in 'support' it does not give me any peace of mind, and it is one of the primary functions we require, and I am worried it will happen again later.

Then, our busiest days (like Mondays) something is always broken, and indicated on their status page. Our Mondays are raging and we need speed/flow/efficiency. It seems now with Pipedrive's crap and inability to e-mail directly from inside, plus today for example having to add leads twice, manually, every single time, we've probably lost more money than we want to admit, as our revenue is based on how quickly we can respond to people since we are competing with other local companies.

Zoho just doesn't work for us, not the way we need it.

Can anyone suggest something AWESOME? It is a small office with around 5-10 users maximum, and it is used all day 24/7.


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