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Digital Marketing is gaining high traction globally. It has emerged as an effective way of increasing visibility and marketing products and services, especially for small businesses.

Small businesses no longer have to waste lakhs of rupees on offline marketing. Instead, they can reach millions of people through emails, social media sites, and search engine marketing. But if they don’t pay proper attention or fail to execute it correctly, digital marketing efforts can go down the drain quickly. Hence, it is critical to monitor your actions round the clock.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows marketers to track customer data and build marketing strategies accordingly.

The following points will describe CRM applications in detail and lay down CRM systems’ importance in analyzing digital marketing platforms.

1. Tracking Customer details

In the digital world we live in, it has become easy to reach tens of thousands of customers. But what is the point if you don’t keep track of their details? Most digital agencies don’t feed lead information into the CRM software until they turn into paying customers. This practice needs to change.

It would help if you integrated CRM software with your digital marketing campaigns so that as soon as you get a lead, the CRM system can capture the vital details specific to the lead. These details will help you form pin-point marketing strategies as you will have access to the customer’s likes, dislikes, purchasing behavior, past purchases, and wishlists.

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2. Creating email marketing campaigns

When you run marketing campaigns — such as blogs, vlogs, videos, audios, etc. — on Facebook or Google, you can track rich statistics. These statistics will let you know how people are reacting. They will give you a fair idea of whether people are liking your posts or not. You can also monitor which component/s of the post they like and work on them. Then you can replicate the same thing in new posts as well.

Another advantage of having statistics is that you can use them for creating top-notch email marketing campaigns. Although social media marketing is growing in leaps and bounds, email marketing campaigns haven’t lost their shine. According to statistics, 49% of consumers have no objections to receiving promotional emails from their favorite brands.

CRM systems allow you to create drip email campaigns that send a pre-written message to your customer’s email account. CRM software saves all the details and posts the notifications automatically. The CRM application uses the following parameters to judge the emails’ performance:

a. Open rate

b. Click-through rate

c. Bounce rate

d. Comments and replies

It also provides numerous templates to social media managers to execute A/B testing and monitor their performance. This format enables companies to judge what works and what doesn’t. Thus, over time, companies can create a well-structured email marketing wireframe that people find interesting to read and encourage them to purchase.

3. Managing multiple project management apps

Nowadays, companies use multiple apps for conducting business. Communication apps like Skype and Zoom allow teams to function from remote places. In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of such apps has dramatically increased. Teams can use these apps to conduct video conferencing, brainstorm marketing strategies, and create a blueprint for the future.

Other applications like Word Online and Google Docs allow teams to edit documents together and share files instantly. Teams can make changes in real-time and share resources at a moment’s notice.

There are several project management apps like Slack and Asana that allow teams to gain a 360-degree perspective of the ongoing project and those that have been shelved. Everyone can keep an eye on the deadlines and monitor real-time updates. These apps also allow for better cooperation and coordination between the team members and quickly achieve the set objectives.

But juggling between various apps has some defects as well.

a. Using multiple apps leads to data duplication that wastes time, energy, and company resources.

b. Different apps have different features for performing a similar operation. Thus, it can create confusion.

c. The more apps you use, the more subscription fee/money you will have to pay/spend.

CRM software solves this problem by integrating all the features into a single dashboard. Teams can retrieve and share project information from a single place and make edits to it. Companies need to pay only a one-time fee, and there is no duplication of work. The CRM system automatically extracts/updates information from various sources.

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4. Creating Up-selling and Cross-selling opportunities

Marketing doesn’t end once you get a paying customer. It starts. Companies need to provide top-notch support services to their customers to purchase products repeatedly and subscribe to new services. It also ensures that your loyal customers spread good word-of-mouth, causing a butterfly effect and attracting more people. CRM software allows companies to do this effectively.

Since the CRM software regularly collects/updates customer information in the background, it also opens new up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Thus, companies can continue earning from their loyal customers and increase their profits.


Digital Marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds. Companies of all sizes — ranging from small to conglomerates — are growing their digital space footprint. CRM software will be a constant partner in your digital journey and help you multiply your digital marketing efforts exponentially.

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