How Does MES Drive Manufacturing Excellence?

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Discrete manufacturers can’t afford to lose track of processes on the plant floor. Without real-time insights into your production line, how can you be sure that operations are in order? A manufacturing execution system (MES) monitors your factory floor at all times, allowing decision makers to evaluate your current performance and create better strategies.  

MES is a software application designed to collect real-time data throughout the production lifecycle and synchronize people, processes and materials to elevate efficiency. This solution works best when it’s integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With ERP and MES working as one, your enterprise enjoys a complete view of operations, enabling greater demand forecasting accuracy, higher order fulfillment rates and other process improvements. 

No software provider understands that better than Epicor. Epicor ERP includes an MES module with core functionality as well as Advanced MES, an add-on module with even deeper insights. Find out how Epicor’s MES tools can make your manufacturing enterprise faster and leaner than ever.  

Epicor MES Advantages 

Precise, Real-Time Data 

MES is tightly integrated with the Epicor Job Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance and Advanced Material Management modules. With these modules working together, you don’t have to worry about dual data entry. Instead, you can enjoy automatically updated, real-time views of your plant floor processes and objectives across your solution. The plant floor also gains instant access to vital documents, such as product drawings and process documents. 

Comprehensive Tracking 

Authorized users can access an array of online trackers from the shop floor, including the job tracker, order tracker and shipment tracker. These tools ensure you have everything in place to keep production lines running smoothly. Additionally, shop warnings appear throughout the system to alert supervisors of a job’s status, an employee’s performance and other circumstances. With online transaction tracking, managers gain an overview of everything happening in the factory by employee and job. This real-time visibility allows manufacturers to respond instantly to avoid issues.  

Lean Performance 

Advanced MES offers additional visibility to help users attack waste and uphold lean manufacturing principles. Metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), run rates, downtime and scrap analysis and material consumption show manufacturers where they could boost efficiency or reduce costs. Energy monitoring tools analyze energy consumption by machine, job, shift and product, so you can cut energy costs and consumption. It can also support Kanban scheduling to reduce inventory levels.   

Risk Mitigation 

When users have easy access to real-time insights, they can detect and resolve issues before they result in costly errors. Advanced MES provides greater control over your shop floor, so you can mitigate risks throughout your production lifecycle. Quality management features, such as automatic part qualification and rejection, help users instantly fix production problems. Additionally, MES tracks equipment performance and provides preventative maintenance capabilities to avert unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. These tools offer comprehensive production monitoring and protection to keep your enterprise up and running.  

Wrap Up 

Manufacturing execution systems empower manufacturers to stay on top of their factory’s operations and maximize their productivity. Epicor’s MES features work hand in hand with your ERP modules to promote visibility from the top floor to the shop floor. When you extend your Epicor ERP solution with Advanced MES, you can enjoy even greater insights to gain total control over your manufacturing performance. 

At Datix, we’ve specialized in providing ERP solutions for discrete manufacturers for over 20 years. We’re an Epicor Gold Partner committed to providing the resources and personalized support to drive end-to-end business improvements. From start to finish, our certified consultants work with you to help you achieve your business goals.  

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