Get Your ERP Project Back on Track!

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GetYourERPProjectBackOnTrackLearn How to Identify and Mitigate Project Risks

ERP software implementations rarely come without difficulties or pitfalls. A project as big as an ERP implementation is disruptive- the most rewarding projects always are. As a result of troubled implementations, businesses often find their ERP projects veer off track. But if you have the right tools, this is just a bump in the road, not a detriment!

Here are a few tips to help you identify, address, and mitigate risks you may encounter in your implementation project, so your business can keep moving in the right direction!

Determine Why Your Project Got Off Track

The first step toward fixing a problem is understanding it, which you can only do if you determine the cause of the issue.

To establish why your project got off track, ask these questions: Is it behind schedule? Are you over budget? Are you not producing the desired outcomes?

Once you have determined the why, you must identify the how: Were your goals ill-defined? Are you lacking executive support? Is there poor teamwork? Was your team underprepared? Are you lacking end-user involvement?

Without these two pieces of key information, your team cannot move forward. Instead, you will find yourself incurring the same difficulties and pitfalls that caused your project to go off track in the first place. Learning why and how your project got off track will allow you to correct the mistake and continue to propel your project in the right direction.

Develop A Recovery Plan

Once you’ve identified why and how your project got off track, it is time to create a plan to start improving. You and your team should discuss the difficulties you faced as well as potential risks. Creating a recovery plan can be similar to the beginning stages of project planning, but the key to moving forward is addressing the risks your team may have missed. We recommend covering every part of the project in your recovery plan—the people, the process, and the technology.

This all leads to the main objective—how can you regain control of the project? The following are a few ways to help you and your team do this:

  • Change your scope: Possibly removing things or breaking your project into smaller pieces can help your team regain momentum.
  • Push back your go-live date: Starting a new project is exciting, and it is only normal to want to implement your software as soon as possible. That being said, an implementation cannot be rushed. If you hurry your project, you risk severe detriments to your implementation as well as the success of your software once it’s live. Great projects take time to develop.
  • Review your team: Make sure all the members of the team are working together in tandem and your project leaders are not taking on too much of the responsibility. If one person is biting off more than they can chew, it will inevitably slow progress.
  • Increase your budget: No one likes this suggestion, but it’s sometimes your only option to achieve your objectives.
  • Renew your commitment to your project: Reinforce the necessity and importance of your project. If you’re not committed to the project, your team won’t be either.
  • Contact a consultant: A fresh set of eyes and a new perspective might be just what you need to see your project succeed.

Get Outside Help 

Even some of the best plans falter. With project team members taking on multiple roles and large workloads, it can be easy for things to slip through the cracks, making it hard to keep momentum. That is why, sometimes, getting help from a third party is the best solution to move your project forward.

A consulting firm can bring your project the perspective and expertise it needs to excel. The best consultants will have years of knowledge and a deep understanding of your ERP vendor to ensure you are fully capitalizing on the features designed to optimize your business performance. 

At Datix, our consultants have experience in managing ERP projects for multiple manufacturing and distribution environments. We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your business process, and we dedicate ourselves to seeing your company grow. We will present you with a fresh, unbiased perspective on your workflow, detect problem areas and provide real-world solutions.

Once your project is completed and implemented, our consultants will stay with your company to provide ERP consulting, support, and guidance throughout the life cycle of your software.

Wrap Up 

While ERP implementation projects often get off track, there is no need to get discouraged! There are multiple ways to get your project back on track, and you don’t have to do it alone. Consultants have the expertise to mitigate risk and ensure your implementation doesn’t fall victim to common pitfalls. 

The consultants at Datix are skilled in helping companies get the most out of their ERP implementation. As an Infor partner, we have provided premier ERP solutions and services for over 20 years. Our consultants have experience in multiple manufacturing and distribution environments, equipping us with the skills to meet your business’s unique needs.

Get started making your ERP implementation a success by contacting Datix today!