The Pros and Cons of Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe illustrator is a creative program for people interested in graphics design. The program uses algorithms to create shapes in place of bitmap images for data storage. This explains why it is vector-based. As a result, any graphic made within the illustrator is scalable to any size and the overall resolution or quality will still be intact.

Due to its unique design, the illustrator makes everything from detailed illustration, animated concepts, to business logos. It can also print layouts and produce beautiful website graphics. The software gives users total control of the topography. You can also easily contact an Adobe reseller to get the software. In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of using Illustrator.

Pros of Adobe Illustrator

Below are the advantages of using the software.

1. It Makes Web and Print Graphics

The software makes it easy for users to produce ready-to-print graphics. You can also use it to make web graphics. It works on all kinds of screen resolution. The toolset is constantly updated, allowing you to make vector graphics like a pro.

2. It Is Compatible with All Computer Systems

The software does not work properly on mobile phones, but it works exceptionally on all computer systems. It is compatible with Apple products and Windows. Even if your computer is from the 2000s or you’re using an older option, it will work adequately. This means that many people can benefit from the platform provided their computer’s operating system is updated.

3. The File Size is Small

With this tool, any graphic you produce comes at a small size such that you can easily transfer it elsewhere. Compared to other similar platforms, Illustrator generates files of relatively small size. This enables you to share them as an email attachment or utilize them without occupying much space on your computer.

4. It is Scalable

In Adobe Illustrator, you can set your resolution at zero. The software’s graphics are built on math equations, not stored pixels. As a result, any dimension you set in the image will produce crisp, sharp lines. Since you can’t lose resolution with the program, you can be more versatile when designing graphics for different purposes.

5. It Supports In-Panel Editing

The in-panel editing in this tool helps you to save time when using Illustrator. You can also use different artboards simultaneously. This means that you can work on different images at the same time. Hence, Adobe Illustrator makes users more productive compared to other platforms that only allow you to work on a single graphic at once.

6. The User Interface is Helpful

The tool offers additional flexibility as you can customize your entire workspace. You can custom-view the interface and save space too. These features enable you to use the most comfortable methods when working on projects while maintaining overall control of all available options. You may want to watch this video to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Cons of Adobe Illustrator

The cons of Adobe illustrator are:

1. It Feels Like Photoshop

The latest version of the tool has a similar interface as Photoshop. There is a darker interface that accommodates a 64-bit graphic, which is an advantage. However, the design makes you feel like you’re using another product.

2. It Needs Some Screen Space

If your resolution display is low, the updated version of this tool will require much screen space. Also, its image tracing relies heavily on settings that are totally confusing, making it difficult for users to start working immediately. But as soon as you understand how to use it, you will get better results.

3. The Raster Graphics Offers Limited Support

Although the tool is exceptional, it offers limited support. You can vectorize the raster images to use Illustrator’s toolbox. But the toolbox loses some information, thereby, creating undesired results in the graphics.

4. The Teams Version Has a Pricing Limitation

Using Illustrator alone costs $19.99 every month, including tax in certain locations. But if you are using it as part of the Creative Cloud package as a business, expect to pay $69.99 monthly, including tax. The issue here is that individual subscriptions permit users to pay for only one program. But this is not permitted in the Teams version. You will likely pay three times more to use the service.

5. You Need to Be Patient to Master the Tool

If you plan to create a design that is inventive, fun, and doesn’t require any kind of realism, you can use the tool to create your design in record time. But if you plan to create a design that appears realistic to other people, you need to spend more time on your project.

Also, to create such a design, you must be a detailed person and recognize the image elements that Adobe Illustrator won’t perceive as being distorted. You can visit to learn how to create a realistic green leaf vector using Adobe Illustrator.

6. The Learning Curve is Steep

If you are familiar with vectorized graphics, Adobe Illustrator may come off as an intuitive tool that meets your expectations. However, if you are using a vector-based platform for the first time, you need to give yourself adequate time to learn about the different features on the platform. This training may take about six months so you can become comfortable with the tool.


Adobe Illustrator is an amazing tool as you can see from the advantages we shared. You can use it to make web and print graphics and the user interface is helpful. Also, the file size is usually small so you can easily share your design without requiring a lot of space. You can use Adobe Illustrator on all computer systems as long as the operating system is updated.

The tool offers artists an opportunity to make vector designs at a relatively fair price. Although some businesses may not be comfortable with the pricing plan, the results you will get from the tool are worth the stress. Therefore, if you desire professional ready-to-print images, you may consider this tool as a first option.