The artistry of the Microsoft Power Platform: Four new master works

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Editor’s Note: This is part three in a new article series. Check out parts one and two as well.

Do you need greater innovation in your business?  Imagine your company as a creative masterwork.  Claude Monet is at the top of most lists of master impressionist painters.  Monet’s Water Lilies oil paintings of his flower garden in Giverny, France are prized for their use of harmonious colors, light, and brushwork. Viewed up close, they are a blur but, from a distance, they tell a cohesive story that immerses the viewer in natural beauty.  A few years ago, just one of these paintings sold at auction for over $50 million. 

Your company, too, is a valuable work of art resulting from the complementary blend of your people and teams contributing to deliver value to your customers. Now imagine equipping them with Monet’s palette and brush.

Like Monet’s palette, your enterprise technology should complement your organization’s competitive advantages, not work against them with one-size-fits-all solutions. The Microsoft Power Platform’s unique components – like an impressionist’s colors – empower your people to be citizen developers who can craft an infinite array of apps from the same set of tools. They have the creative freedom to choose which Power Platform elements to mix and how to apply them.