How to Increase the Following You Have on Social Media

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Checking and updating social media’s has become somewhat on the norm these days, in fact if you aren’t on socials you are actually part of the minority – out of the 7.8billion on the planet, more than half of the globe, 3.8billion are active on social media. Having a following is good, however if it’s not targeted at the audience you want it to be at, it can be very wishy washy and a bit all over the place. Today we look at how to effectively increase your social media presence in the right way

If getting a good quality following is something that you desire for your socials, ensuring that the content you are posting is informative, educated and consistent. There are many ways to purchase followers these days from multiple sites who own loads of pools of followers, however in our opinion, these types of followers aren’t targeted to your specific content, and with that means they aren’t going to be as interested in your posts and feed as a well generated following which you can gradually build up yourself. For example, if you have a blog or accounts all about boxing, your following aren’t going to want to be updated on tap dancing!

Socials have seen such a large increase in traffic and posts during the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, this is due to the fact that many have been stuck in house and then more likely to be using socials due to working from home or having been furloughed. This isn’t the only trend we have seen with other online services during lockdown. In fact, services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have also seen these types of increases during the lockdown, as well as betting sites with the virtual betting markets influx being huge. You can find Betting Sites Not on Gamstop here in which these types of virtual markets offer some of the best deposit matches on the market as well as huge sign up offers for all new customers.

Once a decent following has been gathered down to the quality of content being posted, it is vital that posts stay consistent and posted regularly – this is one of the best features of social media, that you can keep everyone up to date with the click of a button. Sporadic posts won’t keep the following engaged and they will get bored easily and potentially unfollow, but with the likes of Buffer, a social media manager, which you can plan your content and schedule when it’s due to be posted to ensure your followers are always up to date with what you are doing.