Azure Insights: Terraform; Log Analytics Workspaces; Custom scripts with Arc-enabled servers; Virtual WAN resources

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Azure pros share their insights on Terraform, Log Analytics Workspaces, using custom scripts with Arc-enabled servers and diverse Virtual WAN resources.

Using Terraform with Azure

Writing on Build5Nines, Chris Pietschmann discussed how to get started using Terraform with Azure. The advent of HashiCorp Terraform provides users with a new infrastructure as code tool that is cloud agnostic and open-source. It provides users with strong versioning controls, easy deployment and ways to change plan validation.

Code is written using the HashiCorp Configuration Language, with common commands such as init to initialize, apply, plan, destroy or –h (which is used to get help). He wrote:

The Azure Cloud Shell provides an excellent environment for working with Terraform code. The Cloud Shell includes built-in support the terraform, in addition to a built-in code file editor (via code command). Plus, when you open up the Azure Cloud Shell, it automatically authenticates the built-in support for the Azure CLI (az) against your Azure Subscription based on your Azure Cloud Shell logged in session. All these features provide a really great environment to work with Terraform code from any machine without any tool installation necessary.

Terraform uses a plugin model to add providers to manage communication between different infrastructure APIs, pulling specific providers. Using Azure Provider for Terraform avoids complicated authentication, but users will need Azure CLI to take this approach.

Understanding Log Analytics Workspaces

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