Using Your Staffing Blog to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Revenue

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Looking for new ways to:

  • Drive more targeted traffic to your website?
  • Differentiate your staffing firm from competitors?
  • Strengthen relationships with candidates and clients?
  • Provide valid business reasons for your sales team to follow up with prospects?
  • Generate inbound sales leads – and ultimately, sales?

Put your staffing blog to work for you.

The content on your company blog can make every aspect of your sales, recruiting, and marketing more effective. But if you want to maximize the value of your staffing firm’s blog, you need to create the right content—and use it in the right ways. Bullhorn Marketplace Partner Haley Marketing, staffing industry (and Bullhorn) specialists, provide the marketing tools and technology your staffing firm needs.

3 strategies to maximize the ROI from your staffing blog:

1. Answer clients’ and candidates’ most frequent questions

How many times do you answer the same exact question, over and over? While it might get annoying to respond to, it shows that most people have similar questions and they are looking for answers. And that’s really the key: People are coming to you for answers!

By writing posts that answer specific questions, you can position yourself as a thought-leader. You position your company as a partner to clients and candidates. Writing great blog posts like this can turn you into the “go-to” resource for people. It can also make your day-to-day job so much easier. Instead of fielding the same questions and retyping the same answer over and over, document those answers on your blog and direct people back to it. It’s a win-win scenario.

Where should you start? Ask your recruiters and sales team what questions they hear repeatedly. Extract the knowledge from their head and make that public on your blog. Your clients and candidates will find a TON of value there. And so will search engines…

2. Optimize every staffing blog post for search engines

People use search engines because they are looking for something. Often, they are looking for answers to questions. Once you create a great collection of blog posts that answer specific questions, make sure the content is search engine optimized. Here are some basic tips:

  • Write titles that are relevant and focused on your audience.
  • Include keywords in the title of the post and the URL – but don’t “stuff” them in there.
  • Think about how someone would search for this content; write using those terms.
  • Build more inbound links (a bit more on that in tip 3 below).
  • Make sure you have a custom meta page title and meta page description.
  • Make sure you have custom social metadata.
  • Use Headlines and Headings (H1, H2, H3 tags.)
  • Share inter-site links to other parts of your website and link to your blog post, too.
  • Include your geography or industry focus to home in on the right target audience and rank higher in search.

3. Share your staffing blog content!

This isn’t Field of Dreams. If you build it, they might not come. So don’t wait for people to stumble across your content; promote it in a variety of ways:

  • Create an email newsletter and use the content there. Push it out to your CRM and ATS lists.
  • Make sure it’s being indexed by search engines (see strategy #2).
  • Turn every post into 3+ social media posts. Break blog posts into several smaller social posts, with each one highlighting a key takeaway and linking back to the full post.
  • Get everyone on your team to share content and engage with it. Social algorithms reward content that gets engagement; start getting your team to share!
  • Turn great blog posts into printable articles for your sales team. Mail them to clients with a personal letter or use them as drop-offs.
  • Send one-off emails to prospects with a link just to make sure they saw it.
  • Share posts that answer specific questions when someone asks!
  • Encourage others to repurpose your content (with credit). Share career blog posts with college placement offices. Share business-focused content with the local business publication. Get associations to repurpose your content on their sites or newsletters. Make sure they link back to the original post on your website – this builds extremely valuable inbound links!
  • Create pillar content. Pillar content is in-depth, long-form content (like an eBook or whitepaper). You can either write pillar content and then break it into a lot of smaller posts (that all link back to the pillar content), or you can write several shorter posts on a topic and then combine/repurpose those into a large pillar of content. Either way, search engines, and users LOVE long-form content like this.
  • Create short personal videos that introduce a blog post. Share that to social and with your clients, and provide a link back to your website.

Looking to drive sales from your staffing blog or website?

We can help! Haley Marketing offers a full suite of digital marketing services for staffing companies. Whether you need ghost-writing for your staffing blog, social media marketing support, or assistance with staffing SEO, contact us today.