Reduce Time Spent on Manual Tasks by Transforming Your Technology

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Roadblocks to Progress

The next step was to get this change on the strategic agenda. After his promotion to Director of Innovation, Marketing, and IT, Tjeerd worked on creating support among key end-users. Luckily, Intro Personeel mainly consists of junior employees who are hungry to improve. In addition, most of Tjeerd’s colleagues realized that there was now an enormously high mental workload. For many recruiters, candidate and client data lived only in their heads, which created a lot of pressure on the rest of the business.

It was also important to include all the different suppliers throughout the change process. To make sure this went well, Florys created a steering committee. The steering committee took care of the implementation of Bullhorn with both internal and external stakeholders. This included an external IT partner that could provide valuable and independent advice. From web developers to the back office team, eight to ten technology partners came together for a kick-off to discuss the progress of the project to ensure a successful implementation. And with success: all partners involved in the original movement towards change are still part of the tech stack at Florys. No one said goodbye; Bullhorn was just an important extra piece of the puzzle.