The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) unifies the data privacy laws across the European Union member states. It puts certain restrictions on the collection of large swathes of data, including behavioral data of EU citizens. Experts suggest that digital marketing will see a huge transformation after the implementation of GDPR. This blog talks about the impact of GDPR on email marketing and its after-effects. 

Stricter subscription process

The GDPR recommendations have made the subscription process difficult. It has introduced double opt-ins and single opt-outs. Double opt-ins mean that while subscribing, users will be asked twice. This will reduce the instances of forced or fraudulent subscriptions. Single opt-out means users can unsubscribe from the email marketing list at any time without any problem. 

Complex process for personalized and targeted email marketing

The GDPR recommends the creation of two entities: The Data Controller and the Data Processor. The Data Controller is the company that collects data for an application while the Data Processor is the entity that analyzes the data. The data processor is usually a third party or a conglomeration of third parties. The point of contention is that if the third party, that works as a data processor, suffers a data breach, it will harm the data controller as well. GDPR offers an email audit facility that allows companies to check whether they are in alignment with the GDPR requirements. But this has certainly made personalization and targeting of email marketing lists harder. 

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Better click-through rates and improved engagement

The double opt-in feature of GDPR helps companies find customers that are more inclined to buy their products and use their services. This set of dedicated audiences is more likely to open emails and take action. Also, companies are revamping their email marketing strategies by focusing more on consumer trust and customer experience. They are readily applying AI and machine learning algorithms to personalize emails and create customer segmentation. According to a study by Acoustic, click-through rates and email open rates have increased by 14% and 19% respectively.

The GDPR implementation will not only change email marketing but digital marketing as a whole. At first, companies will find it difficult to adjust according to new conditions but eventually, it will open new and better avenues. This is where we can help. At Sage Software, we are home to world-class ERP and CRM software that will provide effective solutions to your email marketing challenges. To know more about it, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to us at

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