Notes on Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets app – Part 7 (Mobile Offline)

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Continuing our previous post, here we’d cover the configuration steps and details around offline support for Dynamics 365 for Phones app.

To begin with,

The mobile offline is only available and is supported for iOS (>= 13.1904) and Android (> =4.3.19043) devices.

To enable an entity for offline, we need to check the Enable for Mobile offline option for it.

Below are some of the main entities for which we can enable the mobile offline option (along with newer entities added in the product and the custom entities)

Account Activity Pointer Appointment Attachment Case
Competitor Competitor Address Connection Connection Role Contact
Email Lead Opportunity Opportunity Product Phone Call
Position Product Task Team User

How much data is synchronized?

This is governed by
the Organization data download filter.

Select the entity enabled for Mobile offline and click on the link, and specify the filter

Next, we need to specify the Mobile Offline Profiles, navigate to Settings à Mobile Offline

Below are 2 profiles already available.

The sample sales scenario profile :

Let us create a new mobile offline profile, with add only the contact entity in it.

In the new mobile profile item record, we have selected Contact as the entity.

For Data Downloaded Filter we have 4 options as shown below

  • All records
  • Custom data filter
  • Other data filter
  • Download related data only

All records will download all the data without any filtering, for the user specified.

The ENTITY ORG FILTER will open the filter that was defined for the contact entity earlier.

Let us now add the users for the mobile offline profile.

Now let us Publish the profile.

Next, navigate to Settings – Advanced Settings – My Apps and open the model-driven app in the app designer.

In the properties tab, check Enable Offline profile and select the profile created for contact.

Now we are done with our basic setup.

In the next post, we’d see how all these configuration settings affect the end-user in the offline mode through Dynamics 365 for Phones App.

Hope it helps..