Five Features Your Next CRM Needs To Maximize Your Sales

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CRM Features

CRM Features- If you’ve launched your business in recent years, you probably know this very well: Choosing a CRM is almost as difficult as choosing your industry, product and target market. Every developer with some free time seems to have built one, and as a result, there are now thousands of CRMs to choose from.

Instead of telling you which one to choose, let’s do something better. Here are the main features that a great CRM needs to have before you consider it your sales tool of choice.

1. Interaction Tracking

The path from a cold lead to a repeat customer is not a straight line. In fact, it can take months before someone who found your product decides to buy. And unless you know each step they take before handing over their cash, you won’t know how to improve your sales process.

A great CRM needs to have the option of tracking each interaction that a lead makes with your business. From the very first time they view your website, when they open your email and when they get a call from your reps, you need to be able to see which moves they make. That way, you can spot your weaknesses and hone your strengths.

On a different note, it’s also easier to see who handled what in your sales process. One rep could talk to a lead through email, and another one could pick up their inbound call. There is no way for the person receiving the call to know the previously exchanged information unless the interactions were tracked from the very start.

2. Document Management

It can be a nightmare to upload all of your sales documentation to the cloud. Things can get slow and messy and sorting through your most important documents can get complicated.

If you want to connect your marketing and sales teams and have all your most important documents in one place, you need a CRM with a document management feature. This way, you can upload all the documents in a single location and avoid the potential information mismatch that could ruin your sales. Moreover, you can also upload documents for your customers, such as proposals, contracts, technical specifications and anything else that comes to mind.

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