Power Automate – Set the correct timezone on Date fields

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Using Convert Time Zone Action setting correct Time Zone in Power Automate

Shobhit’s D365 CE blog

With the previous versions of D365 CE where a background process could be used to set up automatic task based on a business trigger, the system would respect CE’s Timezone while setting the “Due date” on the task.

For example, if there is a business requirement to set up a “Follow up task” based on some event to (e.g., When Follow up required = Yes) to be Due in X days from today, when the CE’s background process executes it will put the “Due date” on the task to be X days as per the current configured/set timezone on CE.

However, in the new world of Power Automate all things are pursued and executed in the UTC timezone. There is no concept of a particular system time it can adhere to and hence it is rather a tricky thing to spot it but fairly easy to fix it.

So in…

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