Here’s how online container booking is solving 3 pain-points of the shipping industry

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A renewed focus on the overall container booking process has triggered new efforts by carriers and shippers for resolving the shipping-related issues more efficiently. Digital management platforms, better forecasting, penalties for bad behaviours and online container booking are some of the strategies that have been undertaken to improve & renovate the overall process. To make the shipping process more standardized, greater emphasis has been laid on the online container booking process so that the system becomes more transparent and smoother.

In the last few years, the shipping industry has faced lots of challenges due to some uncertainties. To mitigate the problem of container booking and its related flaws, the online container booking service has been introduced in the shipping industry. Here we mention some of the major problems along with how online container booking service can help you in resolving those issues.

Major problems solved by online container booking:

The online container booking service has proven to be very beneficial in solving the persistent problems of the shipment industry. The following are a few pain points that are solved by online container booking:

No provision of comparing rates in traditional methods of container booking-

The traditional method of booking containers was very tedious. With the online booking system, it has become convenient to compare the rates provided by different service providers. The complete information that is required is displayed on the screen, thus making the process transparent. Online booking has also made the process of instant booking quite easy. Because of this, it has eradicated any scope of making mistakes.

Nowadays, there are numerous apps/ online calculators that help people in making this comparison of the rates. The booking can be made from the computer or even from a smartphone. After comparing and choosing the best online booking rate, the payment can be done in online mode itself.

Managing the shipments was difficult-

The process of online container booking has made the process of managing shipments a lot easier. An individual can book an online container anytime and can track the order. The service is also available 24 hours, so that time does not create a barrier. You can very quickly check the status of your shipments, whether you want to know about its departure, arrival, the pending tasks or just an overview of the shipment.

Less transparency-

Online container booking has brought transparency in the process of container booking. It helps in providing the exact figures and every information that is relevant to the customer. There is no chance of any game of mirrors and smoke. Moreover, one can also not get charged unusual rates. Transparency is essential not only for the customer but also for the service provider. It also removes any involvement of the middlemen. Therefore, it becomes profitable for both parties.

Additional problems that are solved by online container booking:

Other than resolving the major problems mentioned above, there are some additional issues that can be solved by online container booking:

  • Requesting quotes: Requesting a quote has become very easy with the help of online booking. You can just visit a site or an app and find all the relevant information there. These sites also provide some value-added services that can be helpful to the customer.
  • The process of scheduling made easy: Scheduling has become quite easy with online booking systems. In a few clicks, you can schedule your booking. It will save your time and efforts. The process will be made more uncomplicated and effortless.
  • Tracking and sharing: Online container booking makes it quite easy to trace and track your booking. You can also share all the relevant information on the transportation plan. This feature also helps in increasing transparency.
  • Saves time: Online container booking helps save a load of your time along with effort. The process of finding the best rate for container booking can be completed in just a few clicks. You can also save your time in scheduling and requesting quotes. If done in the traditional way, the process becomes a lot difficult altogether.

The technological advancements in the logistics segment along with innovative shipping approaches has helped in solving the problems that are associated with traditional container booking. Thus, you should definitely opt for online container booking to save your time and efforts.