7 benefits of ERP software for the apparel industry

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Benefits of ERP software

Benefits of ERP software-Running an apparel business isn’t easy. From managing processes such as sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing and quality control to controlling warehouses, distribution, accounting, and sales – there’s a number of operational complexities to deal with.

ERP software can help apparel businesses to handle their operations efficiently by organizing different types of data onto a single, centralized platform.

Here is a list of all benefits of using an ERP in the apparel industry.

1. Streamlined Manufacturing Process

Managing raw materials is one of the biggest challenges in the apparel industry. Without ERP software, apparel businesses need to deal with a great number of complicated situations such as procurement of surplus materials, which could result in liabilities, or procurement of insufficient amounts of raw material, which could cause delays in bulk orders.

An ERP platform will automate the entire process by calculating the exact amount of materials required, as well as their cost.

Another aspect to consider is the quality of procured raw materials, as well as the condition of the finished goods. An ERP solution will provide real-time data on various aspects of the manufacturing process, including dyeing, stitching, printing, packing, and labeling in order to make sure they’re carried out effectively and in compliance with the quality control standards.

Finally, details like customized price tags, labels, and bar codes, as well as self-designed invoices can also be incorporated into the ERP software in order to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

2. Better Networking and Collaboration

ERP solutions incorporate a number of different functionalities into a single system, thus eliminating the need for other solutions.

ERP software makes data entry, transfer, and editing, information access, and storage encryption much faster and simpler. In addition, as most ERP systems are integrated with calling, messaging, and e-mail options, they provide better communication and networking between different departments, as well as among superiors and subordinates.

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