How Small and Mid-Size Businesses Benefit from Anytime, Anywhere ERP Cloud Access

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When it comes to upgrading their software, many small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) put it last on their task lists. They limp along for months or years at a time using outdated software, never knowing what they are missing, until something happens that pushes them to seek a solution.

Here is a list of the many benefits of cloud ERP software for SMBs. Whether you are the owner of a business and your team is clamoring to upgrade the software or you are trying to convince the owners it is now time to upgrade, knowing the benefits can help solidify the argument for anytime, anywhere cloud ERP.

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software for SMBs

1. Real-time updates: Older ERP systems often use a batch updating process that makes users wait for the data from the day. Inputs go into the system throughout the day, but the actual reports themselves do not reflect the inputs from the day until the system updates at the end of the business day.

This is where cloud ERP really shines. Because the system uses internet-based technology and cloud hosting as data flows into the system, it automatically updates throughout the software. Users can view information and download reports in real time, knowing the information they are seeing on screen reflects the current business situation. This enables better decision making by all who use the ERP data.

2. Flexible system: Stand-alone business systems keep your business from growing as it could. You may have separate modules for general business productivity, another system for marketing management or email management, and so on. Because these systems are not connected, data entered into one that must also be in another system has to be keyed in separately. This increases the chance of errors getting into the data. It also makes it difficult, if not impossible, to run reports that draw on data from multiple modules. If the modules cannot talk to one another, they cannot use the same shared data.

New ERP systems offer incredible flexibility when it comes to designing the perfect suite of software for a small business. Many ERP companies offer a basic financial and accounting module but have additional add-ons such as human resources, CRM, warehouse and inventory management, and more. Partners may also provide additional compatible modules such as the ability to go paperless and manage documents digitally, use smartphones as barcode scanners in warehouses, and more. It all depends on the ERP vendor, but the bottom line is excellent flexibility beyond what you may have imagined with your older software.

3. Enhanced features: As new technology becomes available it makes many older features obsolete. Consider your car. Since the 1960s, car radios have been standard equipment. Over the years, features such as tape decks (and 8 track players), CD players, and now internet-connected on-demand radio have each made their debut into automotive stereo systems. Older cars get you from place to place, but newer cars offer so much luxury and comfort they make the old vehicles look like dinosaurs.

Upgrading your ERP software to the latest model is like experiencing a new car after many years of using an older model. Suddenly, you realize what you have been missing out on! Need to run a report? New ERP systems enable users to automate reporting, so you do not have to remember to run or send reports to the distribution list. The software can do it for you. You can set reminders in the system to perform tasks such as run payroll or pay bills. Better still, many systems have AI-guided voice technology, so you can use voice queries to make common tasks easier. Many new features have been added over the past several years, so if you have not updated your ERP, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do.

There are many other benefits, of course, but you get the picture. Anytime, anywhere cloud ERP offers SMBs powerful tools that in the past were only reserved for larger companies. With these tools at your disposal, you are in a strong position for growth and expansion.

Curious About What It Is Like to Upgrade? Read this Case Study

RJ Star, an automotive products manufacturer and distributor, needed to update its 2011 ERP software. They decided to take the plunge and update all their software, including their productivity suite, in addition to changing to a new ERP. The result: the technological support they needed to expand into new markets and products.

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