Work 365 Payment and Invoice Integration for CSP Automated Billing

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When it comes to billing, invoicing and payment collection, there’s more involved than just sending out an invoice.

One of the main challenges of a cloud solution provider within the Microsoft CSP Program is to either create or find solutions that will standardize the invoicing and payment collection process to help scale their business.

To scale the business service providers, must tackle several tasks seamlessly:

  • Provision and bundle services and offerings
  • Pro-rate based on usage and providing usage metrics
  • Invoices Creation
  • Delivery of Invoices
  • Payment Collection

For many IT services companies including Microsoft partners, billing reconciliation and payment collection is a manual task that can take upwards of 10 hours a month for just 15 recurring customer invoices. This effort grows significantly based on the volume and types of services provided.

There is coordination between the accounting, sales and operations teams to collect all the data necessary to just generate invoices accurately. Not only does it take a lot of time and is error-prone, but also requires using several different systems to complete tasks.

Streamlined Accounting Process

Work 365 tackles these issues by becoming the all-in-one service option for cloud providers and partners. For whoever looking to scale their business and automate the sales and billing systems to deliver better service, with accurate invoices on time every single time.

Work 365 can integrate with Accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero and Business Central as well as payment gateways to directly accept payments from automatically generated invoices.

Deep Dive: Work 365 Integration with QuickBooks Online

Work 365 invoices are automatically generated. The invoices can then be Auto-Synced into your accounting system or synced using a one-click function with Work 365.


In case, if there are multiple companies or accounting systems synchronized with CRM, Work 365 system allows the configuration and setup for more than one accounting systems.


The invoice is synced to QuickBooks automatically or with a single click and all the details along with product information, pricing and descriptions are all passed over to the accounting system.


The invoice line items reflect the Work 365 automatic license proration for previous mid-term license changes, as well as the full upcoming billing cycle.



The cash can be applied to the QuickBooks invoice and the status will update automatically in Work 365. These invoices can also be visible through the Work 365 Self-Service portal.

With these integrations, Work 365 allows users to collect payments and sync any invoice, any product, service or subscription within the system.

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