Outgrowing QuickBooks?

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I remember the jingle from the unfortunately now-defunct Toys R US commercial I grew up with: “I don’t wanna grow up, ‘cause baby if I did, I couldn’t be a Toys R Us kid.” This advertising staple captured the heart of being a kid was all about: lots of play, lots of laughter, and endless fun.

Starting something new

Starting a business has many of those same elements captured in that jingle. There’s excitement in the naivety of playing with your business idea and bringing it to life, building a product or service, landing customers, and getting paid to do what you love. But childhood comes to a close over time, and before long growing up is inevitable, and moving to adolescence is sometimes not as fun. The process of growing up is very similar to the process of a growing business.

When you outgrow your manual spreadsheets or a startup-phase accounting system like QuickBooks, you start noticing that keeping up with payables can be worse than having acne. Sometimes customer relationships are worse than a first date, and reconciling bank accounts is right up there with B.O. – it stinks. It might be time to consider a modern ERP system.

Growing Pains

If you want to grow up into a mature adult, you have to overcome the pains of being a teenager. Because we really do not know everything. And one of the best ways to do that is with a modern ERP like Acumatica. I like to think of Acumatica as the compassionate uncle or the wise grandma that loves you no matter what. They make your transition into adulthood less painful by providing coping tools to get you through.

A modern ERP is a great organizer – it keeps all of your critical information in one single location. A great ERP like Acumatica is also available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. No more filing cabinets, random Excel worksheets, or manual piles of paper to manage. A great modern ERP is critical for you to scale. That is, to do more of what you have to do using fewer resources, so you can continue to grow. It’s like mastering driving, getting your own apartment, and keeping a steady career. You know, grown-up stuff.

As with growing up, moving to a new modern ERP isn’t easy. We hit bumps and get bruises, but this process teaches you life lessons along the way. And ultimately, your (business) life will be better for it. But it’s lots easier when you have someone to help you in that awkward stage of adolescence, and Rockton Connect is here for you. Zits and all. We’ll help you make that transition in the most affordable and lasting way.

For many of you, you’ll be trying to get that jingle out of your head for the rest of today. You’re welcome!

Before jumping in, Rockton Connect is here to help understand your business strategy and cloud strategy. Working with growing businesses for more than 20 years has taught us a thing or two about what companies want from an ERP solution. We are helping businesses thrive by connecting people, processes, and priorities.

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By: Rockton Connect, www.rocktonconnect.com, Colorado and North Dakota based Acumatica Partner.