D365: Multiple Currency Issue in Opportunity Line Grid(Inline Edit View) on Opportunity Form

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Ajit Patra

Recently, while working on qualifying lead to opportunity we faced a weird issue.

We were using multiple currencies in our D365 instance 
AED(Base currency in our case) and Egyptian Pound. We used Egyptian Pound currency on Lead while creating.

On qualifying Lead to Opportunity, we were mapping the currency of Lead to Opportunity. So, eventually, currency selected on Opportunity was Egyptian Pound and corresponding Price List was populated.

After qualifying lead, we added Opportunity Product to the Opportunity from Related entities –> Add New Opportunity Product.

We created the Opportunity Product using Quick Create form. Here, we were able to put Price Per Unit and Tax using currency Egyptian Pound.

In Opportunity Product Associated View also we were able to see Price Per Unit and Extended Amount in Egyptian Pound currency.

However, coming to the main Opportunity form, in Products grid, we found that Price Per Unit and

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