Azure Arc in the limelight at Microsoft Ignite 2021

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At recent Microsoft conferences, themes like hybrid cloud and multicloud have come up often. At Ignite 2021 Microsoft general manager Arpan Shah highlighted a growing variety of Azure Arc capabilities that extend machine learning services and support for Kubernetes.

Machine Learning and developer tools

Azure Arc is intended as a way to manage across almost any infrastructure including cloud, multicloud, and on-prem. Now, Azure Machine Learning is part of the portfolio. Going forward, customers can sign up for Arc-enabled Machine Learning and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster. This extends machine learning models to hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, allowing customers to train models with preexisting infrastructure “where the data lives.”

Arc-enabled Kubernetes came out in the fall, in-preview, and is now generally available. As part of the offering, developers can centralize coding and deploy cloud-native apps to Kubernetes clusters with GitOps.